Great Indian ASMR Net Worth, Team Members & All Details Know Here

Great Indian ASMR is a cooking channel where four members work and cook Food and show it on YouTube. Here, we know their income and team members’ names. Great Indian ASMR is from Karnataka, Udupi Manipal, famous for some popular temples and foods.

Great Indian ASMR Team Member

Great Indian ASMR Real name: About the tremendous Indian brilliant team, Great Indian team members are Gautam, Karthik & Kiran, who are the hosts and editors of the group, but Gautam does not cook Food.

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He is only the host of their team. Kiran is the Chef who cooks the Food, and Karthik is the Cameraman of the group. The great Indian ASMR team has four members, and Karthik is the host.

Great Indian ASMR Team Member Personal Life

So, if we talk about Gautam, the host of this channel, he does not have a Girlfriend and is unmarried.

All their team members are available and are now focusing on their careers. According to them, they don’t have any plans right now to get married.

Great Indian ASMR Journey

Back in 2020, they were working for an MNC company has specially Kiran was working in Bangalore Kar,thik was working here in Udupi, and Gautam was also working as a freelancer the Always At The Vision.

To create something out of the box, especially on YouTube while they are in college they itself add the passion to create something new we don’t have the proper idea to what to do then in 2020 Gautham who is host of the channel seeing the transition from the people from long due to start video yeah that transition was happening very fast.

During this time, there was a YouTube channel which used to make videos about cooking Food, during this time they ate a biryani with a spoon instead of hands.

They saw that most Indian people liked to eat with their hands and not with a spoon. Gautham was looking for a job but did not get the job.

Then he tried to start their channel, and in 2022, he started their channel, and with all your support, It became successful and famous.

Great Indian ASMR YouTube has 11 Million Subscribers.

Great Indian ASMR Net Worth

Great Indian ASMR net worth is about Rs. 1 crore per year according to their you tube channel Stats.
Great Indian ASMR Income: Great Indian ASMR Monthly income is about 5 to 6 Lakhs per month.

Great Indian ASMR Frequently Asked Questions

How many uploads on YouTube does Great Indian ASMR have?

Great Indian ASMR uploaded 243 videos on YouTube.

How much does Great Indian ASMR make per 1000 views?

Great Indian ASMR makes approximately $ 1.21 per 1000 views.

When did Great Indian ASMR start YouTube?

Great Indian ASMR has had a YouTube channel since 2020-21.

How many video views does Great Indian ASMR have?

Great Indian ASMR has 4,947,825,844 video views on YouTube.

How many subs does Great Indian ASMR have?

Great Indian ASMR has 10,500,000 subs.

How much does Great Indian ASMR make per month?

The income of Great Indian ASMR is $ 217K.

What is Great Indian Asmr’s net worth?

$6M is approximately the net worth of Great Indian Asmr.

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