Famous YouTuber Nitish Rajput Income, Girlfriend & Complete Biography Know Here

Nitish Rajput is a YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. He began his career making motivational and informative videos on TikTok. This helped him gain fame.

Nitish is now more popular on YouTube since TikTok has been banned in India. Nitin’s content, which compared TikTok and YouTube, gained him immense fame. His other viral videos have included content about the Indian education system.

Nitish Rajput Early Childhood

Nitish was no different from the other children in his childhood. Nitish Kumar, one of those people with a job because they read and write, didn’t want to do much in his youth.

He was more interested in watching TV and cricket. He loved books from the beginning.
Nitish was a child who read and wrote in childhood and did his studies.

Nitish Kumar was born in Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh) on 4th October 1989. His father ran an ISP FIRMA. His father’s income supports his mother, Shashi Singh, a housewife.

According to our information, she has a younger sister named Shalini Rajput, who is finishing her graduation. All the members of this family are gentlemen.

Nitish Kumar was not a person who had a burning desire to achieve anything since childhood. Nitish was encouraged by his family to be a doctor. However, Nitish followed his interests and chose to do engineering. Keep moving forward on your journey.

Full NameNitish Rajput
Born04 October 1989
BirthplaceSultanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Current CityNew Delhi, India

Physical Stats

Height (approx.5feet 7inches,170cm
Weight (approx.66Kg, 145 lbs
Body MeasurementUnknown
Eye colourBlack
Hair colourBlack
Source: Instagram

Nitish Rajput Family

Nitish was born in Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh) on 4th October 1989. Nitish Rajput’s mother is a homemaker, and his father runs an ISP company.

After his birth, Nitish’s family moved to Rudrapur. Then, after a few more years, they all moved to Delhi. Nitish spent the majority of his time in Delhi.

Nitish Rajput Age (as of 2024)

Nitish Rajput Age is 34 Years in 2024.

Nitish Rajput Education

Nitish Rajput has been a favourite author of mine since my childhood. He completed his education at Jasas Public School, Rudrapur.

He also completed his college studies at Gautam Budh University Rudrapur and obtained a Bachelor of Technology (B. Information Technology (Tech) is the field of study that was studied at this university.

Nitish had to choose between two paths in his life. He could either do engineering or become a physician. Nitish Rajput decided to study engineering because it was in his interest.

He began understanding people in this area after getting admission to the engineering college. Diston Engineering passed.

SchoolJaycees Public school, Rudrapur
Education and QualificationB.Tech. in Information Technology

Nitish Rajput Girlfriend

Nitish Rajput is single. He is believed to have no girlfriend and hasn’t revealed her identity to protect his privacy. And he is also unmarried.

Nitish Rajput Career

Nitish Rajput had two career options. He could become an engineer or a doctor. Nitish decided to follow his passion and was admitted to an engineering college.

Nitish Rajput passed with higher marks than he expected in engineering because he understood the culture of this place. However, after seeing how corporate it was, he felt cheated.

Nitish had 2 options after completing the course. He could either go to his village and take care of his father’s business, or he could choose 2 other options that are very well-known—preparation for a government job.

Nitish began to follow the path of the people, and after much thought, he decided to get a job. He started as an employee. Slowly, he moved up to become a manager and then even more senior posts.

They had everything now: expensive phones, nice cars, etc. Nitish was not happy. Then, he picked up a book titled The Secret Of Happiness and learned a lot. Slowly, he began to walk around him.

Nitish also worked on the ground for an NGO called Ant Gop Samiti. Nitish now also helped people experiencing poverty around him. He had only been thinking about himself before.

Nitish had been getting lots of work bags, so he made the people aware of this video. We used TikTok, but they were making people aware of their short videos as social advisers. They are trying to educate digitally-social people. So that people are aware and can work with experts.

Nitish Rajput, who had no identity, became very successful after creating videos on YouTube. After the creation of TikTok, he began making videos on YouTube. His TikTok Vs YouTube video went viral, and people began to know Nitish.

Nitish Rajput Net Worth

Nitish Rajput is compensated for his social media creator and influencer work. He also makes money via YouTube. They earn about 5 lakh rupees per month. He develops as a result.

Nitish’s primary source of income is through Businesses, YouTube ads, and Social Media Promotion. Nitish’s Net Worth is estimated at $2+ Million.

Nitish Rajput Youtube Channel

Nitish started his YouTube channel in the year 2020. He used to upload videos on Tiktok, but Tiktok became banned in India. Later, he began making short videos on YouTube.

His first video dealt with the controversy between TikTok and YouTube. 8.5 million viewers have viewed this video. 

Nitish Rajput YouTube Have 4 Million Subscriber and their Instagram have About 1.2 Million Follower and their real Insta ID is – nitishrajpute

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