Gullak Season 4 Release Date Out, Check Here Complete Detail

Gullak season 4 is generating a lot of buzz among viewers and fans. The next chapter in the popular Indian series promises more family moments and heartwarming stories.

Although concrete details have not yet been revealed, fans anticipate what Gullak Season 4 will bring them. We’ve got all the details on the Gullak Season 4 release date.

When Will Gullak Season 4 Be Released?

According to reports and speculations, the release date of Gullak season 4 is likely to occur in January 2024. This speculation is based on patterns observed in previous seasons.

Gullak’s first three seasons were released: Season 1 was published in June 2019, Season 2 was released in January 2020, and Season 3 in January 2022, released in the fourth series, will follow a similar schedule.

There is also anticipation amongst fans and media, although an official announcement has yet to be made. The popularity and success of previous seasons have set a precedent, and the streaming platform will likely continue to build on this momentum. This is an estimate based on information available when this article was written.

Gullak is an ensemble show featuring Jameel as Papa, Geetanjali as Mummy , Vaibhav as Annu, Gullak and Sunita as Bittu ki Mummy. The unique talents of each member of the cast enhance the show.

When Is Gullak Season 4 Coming?

Gullak Season 4 will be released on Sony LIV by the previous releases. The exact release date has been speculated to be January 2024. However, an official announcement will confirm the date and platform.

This expectation is based on the fact that the show’s previous seasons were also released on Sony LIV. Gullak Season 4 will likely follow the streaming services’ trend to release new seasons for popular series. Official confirmation has yet to be made.

Gullak Season 4: Expected Cast

Gullak Season 4 will likely have the same cast as previous seasons. Jameel Kulkarni (Mishra), Geetanjali Gupta (Vaibhav Raj), and Harsh Mishra (Mishra) are expected to return. The fourth season may see other recurring cast members return.

Gullak Season 4: Expected Plot

Gullak, a slice-of-life show, follows the Mishra Family as they deal with everyday life’s ups and downs. The show tackles relatable issues such as family relations, financial struggles, and social issues.

What Can We Expect?

Based on previous seasons, we can expect Gullak season 4 to be a humorous and heartwarming exploration of Mishra’s family life. The Mishra family will likely face new challenges and relatable issues in the fourth season. It will also explore the dynamics of the Mishras’ relationships.

Gullak Season 4 Streaming Platform

Gullak Season 4 is set to be released by SonyLIV on the same platform that the first three seasons were available. SonyLIV, an Indian streaming service, offers original and licensed content.

Fan Expectations

Gullak fans are eagerly anticipating the release of season four. The Mishras are eager to return and share their adventures. The fans also hope the fourth series will be as funny and heartwarming as previous seasons.

Why Gullak Is So Popular

Gullak has become a hit show for many reasons. It is very relatable. The Mishras are a typical Indian middle-class family. Many viewers can relate to their struggles and joys.

The show is also very well written and acted. The storylines and characters are heartwarming and engaging. Third, it is hilarious. The show has a sense of humour, which is unique to Indian audiences.

The Impact of the Show on Indian Audiences

Gullak’s impact on Indian audiences has been significant. The show was praised for portraying middle-class Indian life realistically. The show has been credited for helping to dispel stereotypes of Indian families. Gullak also inspired people to tell their stories about their family and upbringing.

Awards and Recognition

Gullak is a multi-award-winning artist.

  • Filmfare OTT Award (2020) for Best Series Drama
  • Critics’ Choice Film Award For Best Web Series (2021)
  • Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Best Web Series (2022)


Gullak, a popular web series in India that has won numerous awards, depicts the everyday life of an Indian middle-class family with humour and charm. The show will return for its fourth season in the first quarter of 2024. The show’s fans are eagerly anticipating its return.

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