Guntur Kaaram, See Here Complete Movie Review

Guntur Kaaram Review: Trivikram’s third film with Mahesh after Athadu and Khaleja is his weakest. Guntur Kaaram also features Sreeleela as the lead, with Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan in supporting roles, Jayaram and Meenakshi Chaudhary in crucial positions, Murli Singh, Vennela Kirsh and other actors in critical parts.

However, it needs to work on keeping your attention throughout its 2 hours 39 minutes. It’s a shame because the story was solid.

Guntur Kaaram Story

Ramana (Mahesh) has been growing away from Vyra Vasundhara. The once momma’s boy has become Guntur Kaaram or Rowdy RAMANA; he is not lacking in love. His father (Jayaram), his uncle (Raghubabu), his aunt (Eswari Raio), and his cousin (Meenakshi) all show him plenty of affection.

He wants to be loved by his mother, the only person he is estranged from. Venkataswamy’s (Prakash) grandfather is a well-known politician, while his mother and stepbrother Rahul Ravindran (Rahul) are in charge. What happens when Ramana’s estranged family tries to use him for their political gains?

Guntur Kaaram Review

Indian cinema has entered a new era. Filmmakers are now more interested in love stories between parents and children (Animals) rather than just between friends (R or Salaar).

All these films differ in their treatment and how they play out. But it feels like there is an overdose of mommy/daddy/friend issues. Our male leads must have some other way to express their frustration.

Guntur Kaaram’s makers kept their cards close to their chests, so no one knew the story until they entered the cinema.

This film is different from what you would expect – it’s anything but a mindless commercial potboiler. This is not to say that Trivikram has put in enough effort to turn this into a tearjerker.

Mahesh Babu Views ‘guntur Kaaram” With Fans And Family

Mahesh accompanied his wife, Namrata Shirodkar, and children Sitara, Gautam, and Shilpa Shirodkar-Ranjit. Directors Trivikram Srinivas and Vamshi Paydipally were also present. All were spotted in the crowd of Hyderabad’s Sudarshan Theatre.

What Works

Mahesh’s Ramana is played with a swagger and ease that are hard to find. All his dialogues contain sarcasm, and some make you laugh at their sheer audacity.

He is self-aware and calls out his family for their flaws left and right…you get it. Mahesh’s performance is the only thing that makes this film work.

The actor is fighting with his whole being and swimming against the current to make the film work. But is that enough? After a certain point, you feel like an audience member when Ramana is drunk and tries to figure out why he is where he is.

He is also trying to understand who is plotting to kill him. Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography also attempts to bring life to the proceedings. However, style over substance only works to a certain extent.

What Doesn’t Work

Guntur Kaaram is a film with too long scenes and others that do not dwell enough on emotion, which gets cut off abruptly or serves as fillers.

Trivikram undercuts the emotional impact of Ramana’s situation and why his mother abandoned him before you can even feel it. Mahesh’s character has few scenes where he can genuinely breathe and express himself.

Thaman’s background music, which can sometimes overpower the dialogue, doesn’t help either. Trivikram has done similar films before, such as Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo and Attarintiki Darei.

But the film could have worked if he had focused. The caste aspect is a gimmick; there’s nothing new about the power dynamics. Ramana is given a variety of villains to battle when his grandfather is already bad enough.

The Women Of Guntur Kaaram

Amukta malyada (Sreeleela), Ramana’s love interest, is Ammu. She is often seen with Ramana, filming Reels and shaking a leg. Sreeleela is a dancer who can do anything, but her character should have had some impact on the story.

Meenakshi isn’t given much to do other than follow her cousin around, but she’s good at what she does. It’s time for these girls to get better roles.

Ramya’s Vyra, the protagonist of this story, should have been better developed. It’s a shame that this isn’t the case. The film would have benefited from more heart and angst.

Ramya, in particular, is a great performer. Easwari is given a few scenes where she can be herself, but she is shortchanged when it comes to essential locations. She does, however, get a decent ending for her character.



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