Harsh Beniwal and Jiya Shankar Are in Relationship After Their New Song “Meri Zindgi”, Know Here All Details

Harsh Beniwal and Jiya Shankar Relationship: As we know, today, people are very active on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Welcome to your new article. So today, we will talk about Harsh Beniwal and Jiya Shankar. However, if you are active on social media, you will be familiar with these names. So let us know the complete information about them and their controversies.

Who is Harsh Beniwal?

Harsh Beniwal is a famous YouTuber, actor and comedian in India. He was born on 13 February 1996 in Delhi, India, and Harsh Beniwal creates content on comedy, skits and Venus on YouTube.

Harsh Beniwal started making videos on YouTube in 2015; today, more than 15 million people are connected with him.

Who is Jiya Shankar

Indian TV actress Jiya Shankar is highly respected for her excellent acting talent. He was born on 17 April 1995 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Her incredible acting made a deep impression on the audience when she came to Bigg Boss OTT 2.

She has worked in two TV comedy drama shows: Dr. Irawati “Ira” Pandey in Meri Hanikarak Biwi and Sushila “Sushila” Ruhail Solanki in SAB TV’s comedy show Kaatelal & Sons. Also, she has around 2.7 million followers. They are on Instagram.

Is Jiya Shankar Harsh Beniwal’s New Lover?

However, both are big names in their field; as we see, there has been a considerable debate ever since Harsh Beniwal posted his and Jiya Shankar’s photo together on his Instagram handle. We will tell you that you are getting this because of the shoot of one of your new songs.

“Both of us have worked on this song with great enthusiasm and passion,” said Harsh Beniwal. It is a piece of our heart and shows our support. We hope our fans enjoy it. The song describes a romantic journey that seeks to evoke emotions.

Song Name

The teaser poster of the song features Harsh Beniwal and Jiah Shankar in a romantic and excited atmosphere. It would be safe to say that this song will win the hearts of many people. Harsh Beniwal revealed the name of the song “Meri Zindgi”. 

Who is Harsh Beniwal’s Girlfriend?

Harsh Beniwal is not married. She has increased her fan following in the last five years alone and is one of the biggest YouTubers in India. Also, some websites claim he loves TV actress Meghna Gupta.

The Intensity of Jiya’s Love For Harsh

Jiya and Harsh fall in love with each other while filming Tulsi. Jiya is so in love with Harsh that she imagines the song, picturing them both. She then wakes up. They are in love with each other but remain silent about it.

The Love Story With A Twist!

After the ‘Kahani mein twist‘, Jiya and Tulsi Kumar pack up their things to move. The music video revolves around whether Jiya and Harsh can meet again and confess their feelings for each other.

Arif Khan, the director of the song’s music video, deserves full credit for his ability to capture nature’s raw beauty.

One of the most striking features of the video is the chemistry between Jiya and Harsh. Javed Mohsin is the music composer who has done justice to Rashmi’s soulful lyrics.

Fans of Harsh and Jiya Beniwal could not contain their excitement as soon as Jiya shared the video on social media.

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One user commented: “Beautiful performances by Tulsi, Jiya and harsh bhai”. Another user wrote: “Jiya nailed it. Her acting, her beauty, and her screen presence”.

One user said, “Jiya’s and Harsh’s on-screen chemistry is beyond words. Plus the melodious voices of Tulsi and Vishal and the brilliant shots in the snowy mountains, no one can stop this song from becoming a hit”.

FAQs Related to Harsh Beniwal & Jiya Shankar Relationship

Q. Are Harsh Beniwal and Jiya Shankar dating?

No, they are not dating. The photo was for an upcoming music video collaboration.

Q. What did Fukra Insaan say about the rumours?

Fukra Insaan encouraged everyone to focus on their lives and wished the Big Boss contestants the best.

Q. What about the Abhiya ship? Is it still a thing?

It seems like the Abhiya ship has sailed into the realm of sweet memories. Let’s wish everyone happiness on their new paths! 

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