Puja Begins in Gyanvapi Basement By Hindus, Following Order by Court! See Here

Puja Begins in Gyanvapi Basement: The Hindu community of Varanasi celebrated a special day on February 1, when prayers were held inside the Gyanvapi Mosque.

Varanasi’s District Magistrate adhered to a court’s order and ensured Hindu prayers began in the mosque’s basement.

The district judge had earlier allowed deity worship to occur in the mosque’s southern cellar, with priests appointed by Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust. The trust arranged for a priest to perform the Shayan Arti, which confirmed compliance with the court directive.

As part of the measure, a gate with steel grills was installed near the southern cellar door. Officials confirmed the Mangla Arti ceremony on the morning of February 1.

In response to the request of the head priest of Acharya Ved Vyas Temple, the court issued an order allowing the worship of Shringar Gauuri and other deities. The district magistrate-appointed receiver took possession of the southern cellar in January 2017.

The details revealed that the puja preparations had started shortly after the court order, and the aarti was performed on the premises under heavy security.

Vishnu Shankar Jain of the Supreme Court confirmed the development, writing on X, “The SG complied with court orders.”

A pujari from KVM Trust performed Shayan Arti after placing idols. Akhand Jyoti was performed in front of the idols. “Daily Arti for all deities above- Morning Mangla Arti (Bhog Arti), evening Arti (late sunset evening Arti), Shayan Arti.”

Source: ANI

On Thursday, a path leading to the Gyanvapi Tehkhana, where Nandi sits in front of Kashi Vishwanath temple, was opened around 12:00 am.

Prayer and the offering of prasad were conducted after placing the idols found during the Gyanvapi premises inspection. There are statues of Vishnu and Ganesh, two Hanuman statues, a Ram stone, and two Hanuman statues.

Starting Thursday, the authorities will perform all religious rituals, including Shayan and Mangal Aartis, as well as the recitation prayers, at the Gyanvapi Complex.

The administration handed the worship offerings to the Kashi Vishwanath Trust.

The Uttar Pradesh Police remained on high alert as the government asked authorities to patrol the area to prevent unwanted incidents. The authorities were asked to monitor social media to detect any rumours.

Sohan Lal ARYA, an advocate at the court hearing, told reporters that although arrangements had been made for Vyas Ka Tekhana to be opened up for devotees, it has yet to happen. Devotees could also be heard chanting “Har-Har Mahadev”.

Nagendra Pandey, Chairman of Kashi Vishwanath Trust, commented on the court’s ruling. “The court has ordered that the ‘the khana,’ which had been closed for many years, be opened and worshipped at.

Now, no one should be able to raise any objections. We will follow the court’s instructions and complete all procedures. We are now allowed to worship our god. We will soon start pooja with the priests we have.

What is the Case?

A K Vishvesha’s order comes a day after the Archeological Survey of India report on this mosque complex became public.

In a separate case, the ASI survey ordered by the court suggested that the mosque had been built over the remains of a Hindu temple during Aurangzeb’s reign.

The order of Wednesday was given on Shailendra Kumar Patak’s plea, who claimed that priest Somnath Vayas offered prayers until December 1993.

He claimed that Mulayam Singh had stopped the puja after the Babri Mosque was destroyed in Ayodhya on December 6, 1993.

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