Hi Nanna Review Know Movie Story & User Aspects

Hi Nanna by debutant director Shouryuv features Nani as its protagonist, with Mrunal and Kiara in supporting roles and Jayaram Priyadarshi and Angad Bedi as secondary characters.

The animal was shown last week; Hi Nanna serves as an antidote by providing an idyllic tale about father-daughter relations compared to that grim story.

Hi Nanna Story

Viraj (Nani) is a photographer and single father whose life primarily centers around his daughter Mahi (aged six), her grandfather Jayaram, and Pluto – his dog that plays an essential role in this story.

Viraj spends his days photographing models while spending evenings caring for Mahi (Mrunal Thakur) as she longs to know more about her mother.

Still, Viraj remains silent about this matter until Mahi (Mrunal Thakur) runs into Viraj one day and exchanges pleasantries.

Hi Nanna Review

Hi Nanna Review: Shouryuv’s 2-hour-35-minute film is not designed for impatient viewers. Look elsewhere if you prefer fast-paced stories with fights, dramatic moments, and random songs.

Still, you prefer slow-paced emotional drama with character development and a slower pace to let yourself get lost in its world.

In that case, this might be for you – some twists and turns might give away what lies in store: Shouryuv’s unfolding of his story makes this one truly captivating.

Plus Points

Hi Nanna it is an engaging story with plenty of drama and emotion. Mrunal Thakur’s character serves as its soul and heart in this film;

After impressing us with Sita RAMAM actress Sita RAMAM once more with her script selection, Mrunal Thakur himself gives an outstanding performance; Shouryuv handles emotional blocks well; while unexpected twists add flair.

Nani excels with characters like Viraj, and his performance once more touches our hearts. Nani shines during an impressive scene where he speaks to the heroine’s mother – another example of Nani’s natural talent being showcased here. Additionally, his chemistry with Mrunal is simply phenomenal.

Kiara Khanna looks adorable in this role. She delivered her lines confidently, and her scenes with Nani, Mrunal, and others were done beautifully.

The final minutes of this film are particularly notable; Hesham Abdul-Wahab has done an admirable job (except for Odiyamma Song ). Additionally, soothing music and pleasing visuals enhanced this story’s beauty.

Minus Points

Hi Nanna starts slowly but soon becomes engaging due to its careful pacing. An outstanding pre-interval scene adds another level to its story and characters.

The film should appeal to A-center audiences but may be less successful with general audiences. A song performed by Shruti during the second act seems out of place and should have been avoided; also, an important scene after this song wasn’t executed as planned and left the second half with some incoherence.

Technical Aspects

However, Hesham Abdul Wahab’s music and background score are outstanding, while Odiyamma could have been eliminated.

Sanu John Varghese’s visuals and production value were impressive, as was his editing; I found a few minor quibbles. Overall, it was a wonderful film experience.

Shouryuv did an outstanding job with his debut movie. Dialogue is well-developed, and the story is compelling, while acting by its cast is excellent.

Both actors gave stellar performances, although the length could have been reduced further.


Hi Nanna offers some exceptional emotional moments, thanks to Nani, Mrunal, and Baby Kiara as stars of its cast. Hi Nanna’s greatest assets lie within its story and music;

Unfortunately, its slow pacing may not appeal to a wide audience, and certain portions could have been better presented; nonetheless, this film makes for an excellent emotional drama watch.


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