In 2025 Organize IPL Mega Auction, Know How its Works!

IPL Mega Auction: The IPL (Indian Premier League) is incomplete without the player auction. The auction is a chance for teams to add domestic and foreign star power to their roster.

In 2008, the IPL began auctioning off players, which changed the dynamics of cricket. The auctions are held in anticipation of the IPL, and they decide the fate of Indian and international players participating in the tournament.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India, or BCCI, created the process to bring more excitement to the short form of the game while allowing various franchises to bid for the best players in the world in a bid for fame.

The IPL auction takes place over several days. Players are pooled and sold at the highest price. The squads consist of at most eight players from overseas.

When will the IPL Auction Take Place, And What Is a Mega Auction?

The Indian Premier League‘s (IPL) Governing Council chairman confirmed that the ‘Mega Auction will take place’ in 2025. The Mega Auction occurs every three years.

Teams can change their core team composition. The BCCI will announce the date and location of the mega auction soon.

How Much Money Will Each Team Receive At The IPL Auctions?

From 2024, each IPL franchise will receive a budget of INR 100 crores to build the team they think is best. This includes both Indian and overseas players (capped or uncapped).

The rules state that teams do not have to allocate the entire INR 100 crore to players, but at least 75 percent (INR 75 crore) of it must.

Franchises can spend between 30 and 40 percent of their budgets on the top five players.

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What Are The Categories Of Players In The IPL Auctions?

Capped Players

Indian players are those who have played for the senior team of their country at least once.

Uncapped players

Indian players who have played in the first-class circuit but never represented India.

Non-Indian/Foreign/Overseas players

  • The players may be from a cricket nation that is capped or uncapped.
  • They all have equal rights regardless of which category or where the players are classified.
  • The IPL allows a team to have eight players from abroad. However, only four can be fielded at a time.

How Many Players Will Be Listed At The Auction?

  • The number of players at the IPL auction is always different.
  • The number of people signing up determines the number of players.
  • According to Bleacher Report, there were 578 players available in 2018.
  • The number of people dropped to 346 the following year.

What Are The Policies For Player Retention In The IPL?

As part of the retention process before the auction, each franchise can retain up to five players through the “right-to-match” (RTM).

The teams can retain no more than three Indian players with caps, two overseas players, and one Indian player without caps. RTM is a tool that teams can use to retain players who match an auction bid.

The IPL’s salary cap and retention rules are crucial in determining which teams will be selected during the mega-auction. Here are some main aspects the BCCI has set for player retention.

Retain 1 Player

  • Player Number: 1
  • Salary: INR 14 Crore

Retaining 2 Players:

  • Player Number: 1
    • Salary: INR 14 Crore
  • Player Number: 2
    • Salary: INR 10 Crore
    • Total: INR 24 crore

Retaining 3 Players:

  • Player Number: 1
    • Salary: INR 15 Crore
  • Player Number: 2
    • Salary: INR 11 Crore
  • Player Number: 3
    • Salary: INR 7 Crore
    • Total: INR 32 Crore

Retaining four players:

  • Player Number: 1
    • Salary: INR 16 Crore
  • Player Number: 2
    • Salary: INR 12 Crore
  • Player Number: 3
    • Salary: INR 8 Crore
  • Player Number: 4
    • Salary: INR 6 Crore
    • Total: INR 42 crore

Each team is allowed a purse for the auction with a maximum of INR 100 crore. If a team decides to keep all four players, they will enter the auction with an amount of INR 58 crore.

Starc and Cummins are the most expensive players in IPL 2024 auctions

No.PlayersThe TeamPrice (INR).
1Mitchell StarcKKR24.74 crore
2Pat CumminsSRH20.50 crore
3Daryl MitchellCSK14 Crores
4Harshal PatelPKS1175 crore
5Alzarri JosephRCB1150 Millions

What exactly is an IPL mega auction? An IPL mega auction is a large auction held by the BCCI every four to five years to select players, coaches, and other staff members for all IPL teams. In a mega auction, franchises can only retain 3 to 5 players. This is in contrast to mini auctions, which are held every year. Teams can keep any number of players.

Mega Auctions: The Procedure

According to BCCI rules, in an IPL mega-auction, players are sold at the highest price. The auctioneer is in charge of the whole process. A squad can consist of a minimum of 18 players or a maximum of 25 players. A team can have up to eight foreign players.

The players are divided into four categories: batters, wicket-keeper batters, all-rounders, and bowlers. They are then classified as either capped or uncapped, depending on whether they have played for their national teams.

The IPL mega auction 2022 includes 62 sets, including the marquee group, with ten players. These players have impressive international and IPL records. The auction starts with these players, then the uncapped and capped players.

The lowest base price for any player at the IPL Mega Auction 2022 is Rs. The lowest base price for any player during the IPL mega auction 2022 is Rs. 2 crores.

Forty-eight players (17 Indians and 31 from overseas) are priced at Rs. The IPL mega-auction saw a base price of Rs.

In these slabs, the base price is reduced to Rs. 1.5 crore, Rs. 1 crore, Rs. 75 lakhs, Rs. Fifty lakhs, Rs. 40 lakhs, Rs. 40 lakhs, Rs. 20 lakhs.

To form a team, each franchise gets a certain amount. An IPL team may spend as little as INR 67.5 crore of their Rs. 90 crore total allocation. 90 crores. .


The tournament will end on May 26, giving players enough time to prepare for the T20 World Cup. India’s first match in the marquee WC is on June 5 against Ireland.

Dhumal said, “This time around, the challenge will be that we’ll start with the T20 World Cup during the first week of June and plan to finish the tournament on May 25 or 26 because the team has to travel to America, which is a completely different terrain.”

The tournament is being held for the first time there. Since it’s something new, players should arrive early for a few practice games before the tournament.

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