MS Dhoni Announces That He Will Play in IPL 2025

MS Dhoni Play IPL 2025: Anil Kumble believes that MS Dhoni can continue to play well beyond the current season in the IPL for the Chennai Super Kings.

Dhoni has been preparing for what some believe could be his last campaign in the yellow jersey as CSK chases their record-breaking sixth IPL title. Kumble believes that Dhoni is not ready to retire yet.

Speaking to JioCinema, the former India coach recalled an incident when Dhoni showed up at an optional session in Ranchi, his hometown. Kumble said that when Dhoni was asked, the wicketkeeper replied that he wanted to be in Ranchi.

Kumble compared MS Dhoni to Sachin Tendulkar, saying that both men wanted to always be present. Former India coach Kumble said Dhoni would not want to miss the IPL because it was an optional session.

“I have never played in the IPL with MS. He was the one who lifted me first when I played with him for the Indian team. He was the strongest to lift such a heavyweight. “It was a wonderful moment for me.”

“I remember when I was coaching, and he was captain, we went to Ranchi for an optional practice session for a one-day match. He didn’t have to come because Ranchi was his hometown.

He was at the session. I asked, “What are you up to?” There were still a few days until the next match. He replied, “No, I want to be there. That’s me.”

“Sachin was always the same.” Sachin was around 25 or 26 when I played with Mumbai Indians. He would be the first person on the bus on optional days.”

These two guys, I don’t believe, can take a rest.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see MS continue to play for CSK because it’s his optional session.” Dhoni said, “He’s so passionate that he wants to be there.”

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What Did Dhoni Have To Say About His IPL Career?

Dhoni, who won the IPL last year, said he would return to play at least one more IPL season.

Are you looking for a solution? It is the perfect time to announce my retirement, given the love I have received from all over.

It would be easy to leave, but it would be harder to work hard for nine months to try and play another IPL. It will be a great gift, but it won’t be easy on my body”,” said Dhoni.

CSK will face Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first match of this season’s IPL on March 22, 2019.

After IPL 2024, will MS Dhoni Retire?

Paramjit Singh, MS Dhoni’s childhood friend, has opened up about his friend’s IPL Future. The intriguing question is raised every season.

Singh, who assisted Dhoni in securing his first Bat Sponsorship, as per MS Dhoni’s biopic, has ended all rumours ahead of IPL 2020.

Singh said MS Dhoni will continue to play the IPL after 2024. Singh discussed Dhoni’s IPL career and fitness in a chat with “OneCricket”.

This season (IPL 2024) will not be Dhoni’s last. Even now, he is in great shape. He’ll likely play another season after IPL 2020. He’s in shape! Padamjeet stated this in an interview with one cricketer.

What is MS Dhoni’s record in the IPL?

MatchesInningsRunsThe Average PersonStrike Rate50sHigh Score4s / 6s
250218508238.79135.922484349 / 239

“MS Dhoni Won’t Retire From IPl At The End Of This Season”: Childhood Friend Makes Big Statement About CSK Captain’s Future

Paramjit Singh, MS Dhoni’s childhood friend, has ended all speculation about the Chennai Super Kings captain’s future. Mahi was rumoured to retire after the IPL in 2024 because of his age and knee problems.

The problem may recur even though he had surgery to correct his knee injury after the previous season due to wicket-keeping demands.

MS Dhoni’s friend, Vimal Kumar, said Dhoni could continue in the tournament. “There’s no way Dhoni will retire at the end of this season. He’s fit enough to continue playing for two more seasons. He will be back for IPL 2025,” said he.

Dhoni has won five titles in the slam-bang league. He is the most successful player and captain of all time. The right-handed batsman left the captaincy in 2022 and asked Ravindra Jadeja to lead the team.

MSD returned as a skipper after the Yellow Army failed to keep up with other franchises. In 2023, he led the way and guided Chennai to its fifth title despite an injured knee.

CSK won the final in Ahmedabad at the Narendra Modi Stadium. Dhoni has recently begun practising for the CSK pre-season camp.

Dhoni scored 7271 runs in 377 T20 games at an average of 37.86. Dhoni has scored 28 fifties at a strike rate of 134.49.

Dhoni’s Leadership And Performance On The Field Are Essential

His impact off the pitch cannot be understated. He is a cricketer, a role model for sportsmanship and inspiration. His ability to remain calm under pressure and guide his team to victory has made a lasting impression on the cricketing community.

MS Dhoni’s decision to continue his cricket career until the IPL 2025 will be a testament to his passion for the sport and a chance for young players to learn from one of the greatest.

Dhoni is credited for his advice and guidance during the IPL, which has helped to nurture emerging talent. This league is known as a breeding ground for excellence in cricket.

The possibility of seeing MS Dhoni again in action adds a new layer of excitement for the announcements of the team combinations and official announcements for the IPL 2025.

Dhoni will bring a special touch to the IPL, whether he stays with the team that has become synonymous with him, the Chennai Super Kings, or explores a brand new chapter with another franchise.

MS Dhoni’s participation in the IPL 2025 will be an exciting story. It will add another chapter to Dhoni’s illustrious career in a world where cricket constantly changes, with new talent and veteran players redefining their roles.

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