India’s 1st Bullet Train Is Ready To Run on Track, Railway Minister Shares a Video, Watch Here!

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project boasts an impressive investment of Rs 1.08 lakh crore. The Bullet train will reach an incredible maximum speed of up to 320 km/h.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Railway Minister, took to social media to reveal a sneak preview of the much-anticipated Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train corridor.

This groundbreaking project will transform travel between these two busy cities by reducing the journey time from 508 kilometres to just 2 hours.

In a teaser tweet, Vaishnaw teased: “Stay Tuned for #BulletTrain under Modi 3.0!” In a tweet, Minister Vaishnaw teased: “Stay tuned for #BulletTrain in Modi 3.0!

The minister’s video shows the futuristic features of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train project, which invested Rs 1,08 lakh crore. The video includes highlights such as:

  • Unprecedented Speed: Bullet trains are set to reach an astounding maximum speed of up to 320 kilometres per hour. This will provide commuters with a quick and efficient means of transportation.
  • Innovative Technology: This corridor will introduce the latest slab track technology, marking India’s first use. This innovation will ensure smoother rides for passengers and increased safety.
  • Infrastructure marvels. This ambitious project includes the construction of 24 river bridges, 28 steel bridges, and 7 mountain tunnels along with the Bullet train route. These engineering marvels will ensure seamless connectivity and overcome geographical obstacles.
  • Undersea travel The proposed 7-kilometre underwater tunnel is the most impressive feature of the Mumbai to Ahmedabad Bullet Train corridor. The train can travel underwater through this tunnel, which marks a major milestone in India’s transport infrastructure.

About India High-Speed Bullet Train

Specifications for System

  • Maximum Speed: 350 kmph
  • Operational speed: 320 km/h
  • Average speed: 250 km/h
  • Track Gauge: Standard Gauge – 1435 mm
  • Signalling: DS-ATC
  • Train Capacity: 750 passengers
  • Traction: 25 KV AC overhead Catenary (OHE).
  • Safety: Urgent Earthquake Detection and Alarm System for Automatic Breaking in Case of an Earthquake (UrEDAS).

Information on the HSR route Delhi-Ahmedabad

  • Length: 886 km
  • Type: Elevated (underground), At-Grade & Underground
  • Number Of Stations: 12
  • Station names are TBD but will be expected in Himatnagar and Udaipur. Also, Ajmer-Kishangarh is expected to have two stations.

Fares for Delhi-Ahmedabad HSR

Indian Railways has not finalized the fare structure, but it is expected to cost 1.5 times more than the current first-class AC fare. Prices and rules for the official fare structure of the line are expected to be finalized nearer to commercial operations.

High-Speed Rail Lines On Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Delhi Route To Be Completed By March 2024: Railway Official

Bullet Train: The Western Railway (WR) is upgrading the rail lines on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Delhi route that will allow trains to run at 160 mph, and the work – under ‘Mission Raftaar’ – will be completed by March 2024, railway officials said on Friday.

Indian Railways expects that after upgrading rail lines, the first Vande Bharat sleeping train will be operational. The officials added that this could be the first train to run in the country.

‘Mission Raftaar,’ a WR initiative, is gaining momentum. WR authorities are working on two major trunk routes – 694-kilometre-long Mumbai Central-Nagda and 100-kilometre-long Vadodara -Ahmedabad – for Rs3,227 billion.

A protection wall covering 195 km is currently being built, and 30 km of the work has been completed. According to a WR official, a metal barrier fence has also been constructed between Mumbai and Ahmedabad on a 474-kilometre stretch out of 570 kilometres.

Source: Google

West Central Railway, on the other hand, is upgrading its rail network along the 545-kilometre route between Nagda and Mathura for Rs 2,664 crore.

The North Central Railway is upgrading the 82-kilometre route from Mathura-Palwal while the Northern Railway is working on the 57-kilometer stretch between Palwal and Delhi.

The ‘Mission Raftaar‘ project was approved for the first time in 2017-18. It requires strengthening rail tracks, bridges, and tunnels between two cities.

The project will also include upgrading the overhead cables that supply power to trains, installing ‘Kavachs’ along the route to improve safety and signalling, and fencing on both sides of rail lines to prevent trespassing.

Ashwini Vashnaw, the Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics and Information Technology, replied in writing to a Rajya Sabha question on Friday that “Kavach” tenders had been awarded for Delhi – Mumbai and Delhi – Howrah corridors, which totaled approximately 3,000 route kilometers (RKM), and that work was in progress.

Indian Railways is preparing a Detailed Project Report and estimating another 6,000 RKM. So far, the total amount spent on the ‘Kavach” implementation is Rs 351.91 crore.

The WR official stated, “The work is at an advanced stage, and we aim to complete this rail upgrading falling under our jurisdiction before March next year.”

The travel time between Mumbai and Delhi will be reduced from 16 to 12 hours once the project is completed.

The railway officials stated that Vande Bharat sleeper train will be a game changer and could replace older versions on this route. However, Rajdhani Shatabdi Duronto trains are likely to continue.

Sources claim that out of the 86 Vande Bharats, 11 are sleeper trains. The railways plan to run 400 Vande Bharat trains nationwide in four years.

There are different Vande Bharat versions, including Vande Bharat Sleeper or Metro. Railways has ordered 240 additional Vande Bharat Sleeper Coaches, expected to cost Rs 30,000 crore.

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