Watch! Ranveer Singh And Johnny Sins New Bold Care Ad

Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins: Ranveer Singh released a new advertisement with Johnny Sins, a pornstar. Here’s what the internet thought.

Ranveer Singh surprised his fans with a special surprise during the Super Bowl. On Monday, he released a commercial for a brand of men’s products. The ad featured adult star Johnny Sins.

Since the commercial was released, people have had mixed feelings. This is how people reacted to X.

What’s the Desi Spin in Ranveer and Johnny’s for Bold Care?

The Bold Care advertisement, which revolves around the sexual health of men, has a desi twist. The commercial is based on an Indian family, as seen in daily soaps. The ad also features the common saas bahu quarrel and joint family drama.

The slow-motion scenes and over dramatic music add an Indian TV series element to the advertisement.

In the Bold Care advertisement, Ranveer and Johnny Sins appear as brothers. Johnny Sins wears a golden jacket and a blue kurta, while Singh has a maroon shirt and long hair.

Ranveer Singh begins the commercial by asking the wife of his brother Johnny why she is leaving the house. All the family members are shocked by the wife’s answer. With the help of capsules (to improve men’s sexual well-being), this slow-motion drama ends happily.

Internet Response To The Advertisement

India Is Not For Beginners

One X user, referring to the main character of the TV show Saath Nibhana Saathiya, wrote: “India got its Ahemji. #JohnnySins. #RanveerSingh.”

One user pointed out in a hilarious way that using an adult actor for a commercial was brave: “India is not suited for beginners.” JOHNNY sins in an Indian commercial ad with RANVEER Singh. #JohnnySins.”

Indian TV Trope

After people got past the fact that Ranveer shared the screen with Johnny, all praised the commercial for its use of cheesy television tropes. One X user said, “Hahahahahaha… This is a brilliant use of a celebrity for an ad.”

This ad does not only use Ranveer (and Johnny Sins, ‘Google’ them!) It uses the Indian TV show trope in an unexpected (and funny) way and makes it more accessible to a larger audience than just using it in low tones. Moonshot did a great job. #advertising #marketing #creative #creativity.”

The Crossover

Some fans used X to describe the crossover as unexpected. One fan wrote: “The crossover that we never even dreamed of.” #RanveerSingh #JohnnySins.”

One person wrote that this crossover was bigger than Deadpool or Wolverine, whose trailer was shown at the Super Bowl. They wrote: “Biggest Crossover: Deadpool X Wolverine(cross emoji), Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh.”

Unexpected and crazy

One fan was shocked to learn that Bollywood had now collaborated with Johnny sins. He wrote, “Bollywood’s collaboration with him is now a new shock.” #JohnnySins #RanveerSingh.” One person said that the casting of the ad for the sexual care products was “crazy and surprising.”

Another wrote, “Damn, they chose Johnny Sins for a sexual product ad in India. Ranveer Singh could do it after that AIB Video.” This is a crazy, unexpected casting for an ad.

Breaking Sigma

One X user said that, in a place where talking about safe sex or sex education can be stigmatised, it was good that Ranveer acted like this commercial.

He wrote, “These guys are going crazy over Ranveer doing that ad., bhai bhai bhi. Education is not provided properly in this country.”

Image Source: Bold Care

It’s not a bad thing to do. Someone might need it. This stigma is carried from school to adulthood, but we must all accept it.”

  • “MCU: Avengers Endgame” is history’s most ambitious crossover event. Ranveer: Hold my beers,” said one user in response to Ranveer’s post.
  • Another user wrote, “Where is Episode 2?” in response to his desire for the second half of the commercial.
  • An X user shared the image of the commercial and wrote: “BRO WHAT IN WORLD IS JOHNNY MINDS DOING IN INDIAN COMMERCIAL W/RANVEER SINGH?
  • One user wrote on X: “I imagined Ranveer in Ekta’s daily soap, but Johnny Sins was never in my wildest dream Another Level Advertising.”
  • Another user wrote on X: “We have this COLLAB in Feb 2024 that no one expected.”
  • The commercial was met with disapproval by many people. One X user wrote: “Wth is this, and why did I watch this clip ?????” Johnny Sins in a desi advertisement with Ranveer?
  • Many people were also curious about who received the highest payment for the commercial, Ranveer Sins or Johnny Sins.
  • Ranveer Singh partnered up with Bold Care in December as a co-owner. The brand’s products are designed to address intimate health problems, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

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