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The Indian Street Premier League ISPL T10 Cricket Championship, taking place from March 2-5, 2024 and featuring teams from six cities such as Hyderabad, is an invaluable opportunity for tennis-ball-style cricket players in Hyderabad’s byways.

ISPL Selection Committee HOD Jatin Parnjpe announced that selection will occur during the last week or two of January. Around 350 players across six cities will be selected based on videos uploaded by candidates for tennis-ball Cricket.

He stated that by watching videos, he could quickly identify those with the potential to go onto higher levels – and without the involvement of BCCI.

Paranjpe stated that due to tennis-ball Cricket’s growing popularity in rural areas, talent-scouting teams will reach our initial goal of expanding to second-tier cities through ISPL auctions. 

He suggested a base price per player of Rs3 lakh with maximum amounts of up to 50 lakh being auctioned off each player at once.

Paranjpe indicated, “Players for ISPL will be chosen by Pravin Amre, an ex-India cricketer. Both myself and Pravin will oversee player selection.

ISPL provides an ideal platform for those aspiring to succeed – some notable names being Mohd Siraj (from this city), Umesh Yadav from Mumbai and Umran Malik of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Former cricketer S.K. Kamaruddin Kamaruddin is heavily involved with ISPL and believes all tennis-ball players possess the talent needed for success.

Registration for ISPL: Rules and Last Date

Hyderabad: On Sunday, organisers announced that the inaugural Indian Street Premier League would occur March 2-9 next year.

The ISPL will mark India’s inaugural T10 tennis-ball cricket tournament, which will be held in a stadium. Six teams will vie for first place – Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Srinagar. There will be 19 matches played exclusively in Mumbai over its eight-day duration.

Participation in ISPL league matches is open to players of all ages; however, according to league regulations, at least one U-19 player must be featured in each starting XI. Interested individuals can visit and pay Rs 999 as registration fees.

Jatin Paranjape, former India selector and head of the ISPL Selection Committee, and Pravin Amre (former cricketer) will select 350 players for auction across six franchises. Base prices will start from Rs 3 lakhs, while the maximum spendable on each player can exceed 50 lakhs.

ISPL is focused on one of the most exciting aspects of Cricket: the tennis ball game. Many cricketers began their careers here.

Jatin elaborated, saying their goal is to find talent among domestic players from maidans (grounds) in towns and rural areas across India.

Gaming culture in our nation has experienced rapid expansion in recent years. Local players needed more chances to showcase their talent in front of larger audiences;

ISPL provides this platform that will allow talented individuals like Jatin to do just that. “I am confident ISPL will introduce an engaging, thrilling cricket format into the spotlight,” Jatin noted.

“This tournament provides a wonderful opportunity for tennis ball players in Hyderabad. I am confident you will see some spectacular performances in this competition from Hyderabad”. SK. Kamaruddin from Hyderabad said he just now had the chance to compete against players from across India.

How to Register for ISPL T10

Players must register for ISPL T10 before December 20, 2023, with the proper details.

  1. Register on the official website,
  2. Please complete the form and include your personal information and any images, videos or clips.
  3. Securely create your login credentials to create a profile.
  4. The committee will select players based on their profiles.
  5. The selected candidates will receive an invitation and a golden ticket to the trials in their city.

ISPL T10 Players Select Process

  1. The selection committee will shortlist candidates based on profile and invite them to the city trials.
  2. The selection committee will perform physical tests on the day specified.
  3. Mumbai will host a city trial for all players eligible to participate in the physical trials. The date is January 20 or 21, 2024.
  4. The committee will select 350 players who are qualified to compete.

Amitabh Joins Indian Street Premier League Mumbai As Team Owner

Amitabh Bachchan, one of Bollywood’s megastars, announced on Monday that he is the owner and manager of the Mumbai team in the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL).

According to its release, ISPL will be India’s inaugural indoor tennis ball T10 tournament. Its first edition will take place between 2 and 9 March in Mumbai.

The tournament will have 19 intense matches featuring six teams: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Srinagar. Bachchan considers joining the League an exciting new beginning for himself.

“Today marks a brand new enterprise – I am honoured and humbled to serve Mumbai FC as Team Owner, experiencing firsthand their talent surge that’s shaping their visionary future.”

He described ISPL as a noble and exciting concept. “Now is the time for those who have shown their talent by playing cricket on streets, gullies and home-made pitches to have the chance of joining a professional team and showing it to millions around the globe!”

He elaborated further in his post. Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan’s names were recently unveiled as owners of Srinagar and Bengaluru, respectively.


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