Meet Antoine Moses Who Set a World Record by Planting 23,000 Tree in Just One Day

Antoine Moses, a 23-year-old Canadian environmentalist and marathon runner, set a world record by planting 23,060 saplings within 24 hours.

An achievement that went viral across social networks at a time when world leaders met in Egypt for the COP 27 summit to address ways of combatting climate changes.

This feat went viral as world leaders met to address ways of mitigating global warming as part of climate change mitigation measures.

Erik Solheim shared the video on Twitter of Moses repeatedly bending over and digging a small hole while planting saplings.

Since July 2017, this clip has been seen over 1.7M times and set the record for “most individual trees planted in 24 hours”.

Source: Instagram

Kenny Chaplin set the previous record in 2001 of 15,170 trees planted. However, on 17 July 2021 in La Crete, Alberta, Canada, Antoine Moses eclipsed this feat, planting 23,060 trees within 24 hours!

According to the Guinness World Record site: “Antoine Moses (Canada), was at La Crete Alberta Canada planting 23,060 trees over 24 hours! For six years, Antoine Moses has been planting trees.”

Deforestation is one of the primary drivers of global climate change, and people have taken steps to mitigate its effects by planting trees or creating artificial forests.

Many people across the Internet have praised Moses’ video as an example of young, committed action against global warming.

Moses responded that he had six individuals helping in his endeavor of planting over 1.3 million trees across Canada.

Moses posted the official Guinness World Record photo on Instagram with this caption: “I am proud to say I am officially amazing!

Last year I set a Tree Planting World Record, and Guinness World Records has just approved it!” He gave credit to his incredible team who assisted with this challenge:

Canadian Man Antoine Moses Fight With Climate Change By Planting 23,000 Trees In Just 24 Hours

Antoine Moses, 24, from La Crete in Alberta, Canada, has planted 23,060 trees to combat global warming in just 24 hours – earning himself the title of “most trees planted by an individual in 24 hours”.

Kenny Chaplin established the previous record with 15,170 trees planted. Antoine has now broken that mark. Antoine has planted over 1.3 Million trees throughout Canada.

In an Instagram post, Antoine proudly displayed his Guinness World Records Certificate. He wrote, “I am delighted to declare my incredibleness.

Guinness World Records has honored my tree planting record from last year! Thank you to my incredible team, who helped me complete this challenge. Antoine stated that he considered keeping the record for two years.

He had never planted for 24 consecutive hours before, yet he managed to do it over several days, nine hours at a time, planting more than 8,000 trees!

He noted, “With all that’s happening globally with COVID-19 right now, breaking this record becomes even more critical since it brings nature back into focus and highlights the significance of caring for our beautiful planet.

My record will demonstrate the power of one individual to make an impactful contribution to global health. Over the last five years, I’ve planted over 750,000 trees – hoping to reach one million this summer.

Antoine enjoys pushing himself beyond his limits and soon discovers he can plant an impressive number of trees.

He estimated it took him four to five years of training to reach the level required for breaking the world record.

“I am extremely athletic and have always been in great physical condition during and after tree planting season. With each passing year, my fitness and endurance grew until it allowed me to plant trees continuously throughout my career.

Antoine completed all of the work himself, though he did need assistance in setting everything up to plant so many trees.

He noted that it required considerable coordination from Blue Collar Tree Planting Services and Tammy, their camp supervisor, in order to complete all their duties during a normal season.

“Yes, I did plant all the trees by myself. After packing them into my bags and setting off on my day-long tree planting journey with a team helping out for efficiency, the day passed more smoothly than anticipated.”

Antoine had planned to break the record by 2020 but had to endure the tragedy of losing a close friend instead.

After losing her, “I was forced to reevaluate my love of planting and find meaning in this profession,” according to one planter.

“After stopping planting that year and feeling setback by it all, I found strength within myself again to come back stronger. Through it all came motivation that propelled my career forward to new levels.”

Antoine claims it can be hard to determine exactly how his efforts to plant trees will help the environment as he typically plants monocultures or up to five different species at one time.

“For now, I remain an advocate that our actions may not be ideal for the environment; however, planting trees for future generations and mitigating deforestation is critical for maintaining native forests.”

My ideal scenario is planting enough trees to meet our lumber requirements while only cutting those that have already been established and protecting old ones. Antoine was so exhausted during the final hours that he never considered giving up.

“I am extremely thankful that all the stars came together to allow this opportunity,” stated he. “I was able to push my limits that day and was extremely satisfied with both my body’s and mind’s performance throughout.”

Breaking a world record was truly amazing and truly life-changing, for which I am extremely thankful.

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