Meet Arun Yogiraj Who Built The Ram Lalla Statue, Know Here More About Him

Arun Yogiraj, the sculptor who created the idol in Ayodhya calls himself “the luckiest man on earth” as the much-anticipated ‘pran pratishtha’ unfolds. The renowned sculptor who is now in the limelight comes from a long line of sculptors. He has created many sculptures that are of cultural significance.

Arun is from Agrahara in Mysore, Karnataka. Arun, 41, is the fifth generation of sculptors in his family. The King of Mysore patronised his famous grandfather Basavanna.

Arun didn’t start out sculpting full-time despite the legacy of his family. He worked in a private firm after obtaining a master’s in business administration. In 2008, Arun quit his job and began sculpting full-time. Arun is married to Vijetha and has two brothers.

Arun is credited with sculpting the famous 30 foot statue of Subhashchandra Bose in the canopy behind Amar Jawan Jyoti, behind the India Gate. Narendra Modi steered the installation of Bose’s statue to honour his contribution.

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Arun was also recognized by the BJP and received praise from PM Modi. Arun gave the PM a two-foot tall miniature statue of Bose around the time of the Bose sculpture.

In Kedarnath in 2021, the same hands sculpted a 12 foot tall statue of Adi Shakaracharya. The 35-tonne statue was constructed at the samadhi of the seer, which was rebuilt after the massive floods in 2013.

Arun has also created a 21-foot monolithic Hanuman stone sculpture in KR Nagar. The 15-foot monolithic stone sculpture of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is a 15-foot monolithic stone sculpture of white marble.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s 10 foot monolithic stone sculpture of white marble, the 15-foot monolithic stone sculpture of Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar on a pedestal, and the 11-foot monolithic stone sculpture of modern art sculpted with the concept of “Creation of Creation”, University of Mysore.

Rao, installed at ISRO, Bangalore. Five Feet idol of Garuda in Mysore. Sevenfeet tall idol of Yoganarasimha Swamy at KR Nagar. Rao, installed at ISRO Bangalore, five feet high idols of Garuda in Mysore, and seven feet high idols of Yoganarasimha Swamy in KR Nagar.

Arun has sculpted many statues of Dr. BR Ambedkar and Sir M.Vishveshwaraiah. You can also find his sculptures in temples. He has sculpted Panchamukhi Ganapathi as well as MahaVishnu and Buddha.

The sculptor, upon his arrival at Ayodhya’s Ram temple, said: “I count on blessings from my ancestors and family members as well as Ram lalla…sometimes, I feel like I am in a fantasy world. (sic)”

Ramadas has donated four “guntas” of land to the construction of Ram Temple. Ramadas owned the land on which the stone was discovered. A special foundation-laying ritual was performed on the site where the black stone of the Ayodhya statue idol was found.

The rituals were held at 6:30am and Chamundeshwari’s MLA GT Deve Gowda, as well as community leaders and village residents attended. Yogiraj was also asked to create a..

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