Meet Rashi Bagga, Who Got 85 LPA Package Without Any IIT or IIM Degree

Rashi Bagga is a B.Tech. Student at the International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur. She has made history by getting a package worth Rs 85 lakhs per year.

This is the largest package ever offered to a student at IIIT-NR. She will receive the highest-ever salary package offered to an IIIT-NR student in 2023.

Persistence Payoff And Previous Placements

Bagga had already accepted an attractive offer from another firm but decided not to rest on her laurels. Instead, she tested herself further on the job market by attending more interviews and eventually sealing an unprecedented record-setting contract, according to an IT media coordinator.

Bagga’s incredible achievements began with her internships as an SDE intern at Intuit, Bengaluru and as a software developer intern at Amazon. Since July 2023, she has served as Product Safety Engineer at Atlassian.

Success Stories at IIIT-NR

Chinky Karda held the previous record, earning an annual package worth Rs 57 lakh from his company in the last years.

Yogesh Kumar, another student, recently secured a lucrative software development job with an international firm and now earns over Rs 56 lakh annually.

IIIT-NR student Ravi Kushashwa was offered an incredible Rs 1 crore per year deal from a large multinational in 2020; unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he could not accept it.

IIIT-NR has successfully maintained an outstanding placement rate for five consecutive years. Bagga’s placement set a precedent at IIIT-NR. Their average Cost To the Company has been reduced from Rs 16.5 lakh to Rs 13.6 lakh with a median CTC.

Students Who Have Received Incredible Packages From IIIT-NR

IIIT-NR has enjoyed consistently remarkable placement success for five consecutive years, as demonstrated by its 100% placement rate – a testament to the institute’s dedication towards cultivating academic excellence and professionalism among its students.

Chinky Karda received the highest package from Atlassian last year; Yogesh Kumra secured 56 LPA as a software developer at a multinational. Ravi Kushashwa was unfortunate enough to receive a $1 Cr offer during COVID-19 but had no choice but to decline it.

StudentTotal PackageCompanyYear
Rashi Bagga85 LPAAtlassian2023
Chinky Karda57 LPAAtlassian2022
Yogesh Kumar56 LPAZeta2023
Ravi Kushashw1 Cr PA2020

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