Pakistan Can Lose Hosting of Champions Trophy 2025

Champions Trophy 2025: Reports stated that the 2025 edition, which would rank as the second largest multilateral One-Day International Cricket Tournament after the World Cup in terms of size, will take place outside of Pakistan or under an alternative hybrid model.

Media reports claim the tournament could occur exclusively in the UAE or employ a hybrid format similar to the Asia Cup, with matches scheduled across multiple nations.

Pakistan was initially scheduled to host the Champions Trophy in 2025; however, speculations suggest otherwise. Due to security and political considerations, India could opt not to send its national team.

Recent events demonstrate a similar circumstance: initially planned to be hosted by Pakistan, India declined to send its team; ultimately, the event took place in Sri Lanka under a hybrid model.

Pakistan hosted four Asia Cup matches, while Sri Lanka was home to most of the tournament.

Reports indicate that on November 26, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) requested the International Cricket Council (ICC) sign hosting rights agreements for Champions Trophy 2025, emphasising their right to compensation if India declined to travel, citing security and political considerations.

Sources from the PCB have confirmed to the PTI news agency that while Pakistan was chosen as the host for this tournament by ICC, no significant agreement on hosting has yet been signed between the two parties.

Sources indicate that Zaka Ashraf, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and COO Salman Naseer met with members of the International Cricket Council Executive Committee in Ahmedabad to discuss hosting the Champions Trophy 2025 in February-March in Pakistan.

The PCB also noted it could work with Pakistani officials and the government to assess the safety of all participating teams, including India.

PCB officials noted that in the last two years, many top teams had travelled to Pakistan without experiencing any security concerns.

Sources indicated that the International Cricket Council had also assured Pakistan that if India failed to send their team and matches were relocated elsewhere, they would receive compensation.

PCB Writes To ICC: “If India Refuses To Play Champions Trophy 2025 …’

PTI reported Sunday that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has requested the International Cricket Council sign hosting rights agreements with them for the Champions Trophy 2025 tournament in case India declined travel, citing security concerns. PTI reported on this story Sunday as well.

Due to geopolitical and security considerations, India has not visited Pakistan since 2008. They also chose not to travel there for the Asia Cup 2023 hybrid format; their matches took place in Sri Lanka instead.

Sources from Reuters indicated that, although Pakistan had been named host by the International Cricket Council (ICC), an agreement to host was yet to be finalised between them and PCB.

PTI “Pakistani officials reportedly discussed whether the Indian board (BCCI) would refuse to send their team back into Pakistan again and made clear to ICC not to make unilateral decisions in any situation”, as reported by one source.

The PCB said it could also work closely with Pakistani officials and the government to assess the safety of participating teams from India, such as theirs.

PCB officials believe that, due to tensions between Pakistani and Indian governments, it is likely that India will opt against playing again in Pakistan for security concerns.

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