Parliament Attack: Know How Attacker Entered in Parliament

Parliament Attack: On Wednesday afternoon, there was an unprecedented security breach inside the Lok Sabha. On the 22nd anniversary, nine people, including eight security staff members, were killed during the attack – leaving India reeling at this unprecedented strike against such a symbol of democracy.

Five terrorists were killed during the 2001 Parliament terror attacks, carried out by two banned Pakistani terror groups, Lashkar-e-Taiba & Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla paid their respects before today’s attack by paying tribute to victims from 2001.

On X, Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote of their sacrifice: “Their courage and service will live on in our memories forever”;

While President Droupadi Murmu wrote 22 years earlier: “On this date 22 years ago, terrorists foiled their plot to eliminate top-level political leadership…and devastate our Temple of Democracy.

Delhi Police was immediately alerted after Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Pannun threatened an attack against Parliament that day and warned them about potential danger. Delhi Police was informed and took immediate steps.

What Happened Today?

At 1.02 pm, chaos broke out in the Lok Sabha chamber after one man dashed into it from visitors’ galleries, with another remaining there in case any canisters emit yellow smoke.

A video posted online shows this man running through, jumping desks to avoid detection by security personnel.

He was ultimately brought down by MPs, however. Concerned lawmakers raised questions regarding the breach, suggesting it may have been toxic.

Om Birla, Lok Sabha Speaker, promised that an investigation would be undertaken carefully. Two intruders caught were seen carrying visitor passes issued from Prathap Simha’s office, a BJP member from Mysuru.

Visitors must pass through multiple security checkpoints before being admitted into Parliament.

Karti Chidambaram, a Congress MP, initially believed someone had fallen from the visitors’ gallery before realizing there had been a breach in security involving two individuals jumping out and inhaling gas that may or may not have been harmful, according to Chidambaram.

Lok Sabha Security Breached

  • On Wednesday, the Lok Sabha witnessed an alarming security breach when two unidentified individuals entered the Visitors’ Gallery and the House chambers through one of the entrance doors. MPs quickly left when this event unfolded; one MP reported that one individual started shouting slogans before spraying gas over everyone in attendance.
  • Delhi Police arrested both accused in the building. These included Sagar Sharma, son of Shankarlal Sharma and Manoranjan D, a 35-year-old engineer from Mysuru. Afterwards, MPs spoke to the media regarding what transpired inside Lok Sabha.
  • Two young men in their early 20s who suddenly appeared in the House holding canisters that released yellow smoke entered with no prior warning, shouting slogans and carrying canisters with yellow fumes that produced yellow smoke from them. One attempted to run towards the Speaker’s Chair while shouting slogans; Congress Member Karti Chidambaram told media outlets, “This could have been toxic smoke”.
  • Dimple Yadav of the Samajwadi Party was present when this incident occurred and noted that all visitors and journalists do not wear tags when entering the Lok Sabha, which must have triggered government concern as this represents a security failure. She further noted that anything could have happened at any moment within its walls.
  • On the 22nd Anniversary of the Parliament Attack of 2001, an incident took place. Terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked the Parliament Complex. They opened fire before trying to gain entry to Parliament House. However, this plan was foiled when personnel from Delhi Police, CRPF, and Parliament Security Service intervened and stopped their project.
  • The attack resulted in nine deaths, including eight members of the security forces. Om Birla, Lok Sabha speaker, addressed the House after the attack and stated, “Both have been arrested, and their materials have been confiscated.” The police have arrested two other people who were outside of the Parliament. …”
  • According to Media’s initial investigation, Speaker Yadav stated that the smoke was consistent with regular levels. India Today also secured Sagar Sharma’s visitor pass, who allegedly entered the Lok Sabha Chamber during the Winter Session without authorization and caused detentions and arrests.

Smoker Attack Outside Parliament Also

Two more individuals – a woman and a man – were detained for possessing smoke canisters, which exploded and released red and yellow clouds of smoke.

Sources from Delhi Police confirmed to TrendsMyth that both incidents were likely related. PTI reported that PTI identified Amol, 25, and Neelam, 42; Sagar Sharma, D Manoranjan, and Sagar Shinde were three men believed to be inside Lok Sabha then.


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