See Rohit What Say After Dismissing Captaincy From MI

Rohit Sharma Reaction: Mumbai Indians announced on Sunday that Rohit Sharma is no longer captain of their IPL franchise after 11 years as captain.

that time, it became one of the premier teams in IPL competition. Hardik Pandya made his return after signing an extensive deal with Gujarat Titans. Ritika Sajdeh, wife of Rohit Sharma from Mumbai Indians, took to social networking to express herself.

Ritika Sajdeh first responded on Instagram by commenting on a post from Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Mumbai Indians’ long standing rivals, specifically, their tribute honouring Rohit’s decade as captain. CSK’s Instagram/Twitter post read, “2013-2023: A Decade of spirited challenge. Much respect, Rohit!”

Rohit thanked Ritika for all their support during this decade, prompting speculation of any possible connection or rivalry between both franchises.

Ritika responded with a yellow heart–the signature colour of Chennai Super Kings–in response. Her reply caused speculation among many that there might be some connection between both franchises.

Rohit Sharma was so sad, when he was going to South Africa after removing captaincy from Mumbai Indians.

Mumbai Indians Farewell Rohit Sharma

Mumbai Indians send a farewell message to Rohit Sharma via social media. The post praised Rohit for his leadership, recognizing the six trophies he has won and a decade’s worth of unwavering dedication. The franchise expressed gratitude for Rohit’s exceptional leadership from 2013, leaving an indelible impression of Blue & Gold.

CSK’s Tribute video and Ritika’s Reaction

Chennai Super Kings recently honoured Rohit’s legacy as captain with an emotional tribute video. It captured critical moments during his tenure, including challenges posed by Mumbai Indians. Ritika expressed her emotional response through an emoticon with yellow hearts, indicating her response and sparking further curiosity over an unexpected link between Sajdeh Sharma and CSK.

Hardik Pandya’s Captaincy & Rohit’s Sporting Spirit

Hardik Pandya was appointed the new Mumbai Indians’ captain for the IPL season. This marked a significant shift. Hardik reportedly proposed this condition to rejoin the team; Rohit Sharma was aware of it and agreed to play with the all-rounder for IPL 2024.

Rohit Sharma Was Informed About Mumbai Indians Captaincy Change During Cricket World Cup: Report

Rohit Sharma was informed about the need for change at Mumbai Indians before starting in the ODI Cricket World Cup, according to reports.

Hardik Pandya’s appointment as Mumbai Indians captain to replace Rohit Sharma made headlines across Indian cricket on Friday.

Pandya led the Gujarat Titans twice into the IPL finals and won one; Rohit Sharma was one of the most successful T20 franchise league captains.

Rohit’s departure angered fans of both franchises; Rohit had an immense following at Mumbai Indians as he had a large fanbase.

Reports indicate that Rohit Sharma learned of the need for change at Mumbai Indians captaincy at the beginning of the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023, which started in October. Indian Express reported that Rohit had agreed to play under Hardik Pandya during IPL 2024.

Hardik Pandya returned to Mumbai Indians ahead of IPL 2024 on condition that he be made captain, which the MI management approved of and informed Rohit Sharma of.

On Friday, Hardik Pandya was named captain of Mumbai Indians ahead of the Indian Premier League 2024. Hardik will replace Rohit Sharma, who enjoyed five successful IPL seasons under his leadership and won five trophies as captain.

Hardik unexpectedly returned to MI last month following his high-profile trading from Gujarat Titans. He led MI for two seasons before being replaced.

MI shared an emotional post on social media when making this announcement announcing that Rohit will now lead their squad.

Your reign as captain for Blue & Gold began in 2013, inviting us to believe and smile through victories and defeats. Ten years and six trophies later, your legacy lives on in Blue and gold; “Thank you, Captain RO,” wrote MI on X.

On Friday, Mumbai Indians released a statement declaring the leadership change as part of plans and thanked Rohit for his outstanding services.

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, winning five titles, are the two most successful IPL franchises. Rohit led his franchise to their inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) trophy in 2013 by winning the ODI World Cup Final.

Rohit’s team won three more titles between 2015, 2019, and 2020; Mumbai Indians made the IPL playoffs in 2023.

Rohit Performance as MI’s captain

Rohit Singh led Mumbai Indians to five titles during his 10-year captaincy tenure. He finished as the second most successful captain of all time in the tournament. Rohit led MI to five IPL Finals (2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019, 2020), winning them all under his guidance.

Mumbai Indians released an emotional tribute video in Rohit’s honour. It provided a nostalgic journey back through time that brought back memories from Rohit’s captaincy tenure that began back in 2013.

Your leadership as the Michigan Captain RO in 2013 inspired our belief. It encouraged us to smile through victories and defeats. Ten years and six trophies later, your legacy lives on in Blue and Gold – MI wrote in its blog: “Thank you, Captain RO.”

Hardik Pandya’s IPL Performance

Pandya made headlines this November when he was traded from Gujarat Titans to Mumbai Indians. Hardik Pandya made an unforgettable first-season debut by lifting the trophy he and Pandya fought for together.

During their second campaign, they fell just short as runners-up, losing in a close final match-up on the last ball. Pandya will have big shoes to fill as the new captain of MI. Rohit led MI to five IPL titles during his five-year stint.



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