Rohit Sharma Decided to Leave MI Now He Play For This Team

Mumbai Indians sent shockwaves through India when they announced Rohit Sharma would no longer lead their team as captain.

Hardik Pandya was recently appointed captain of Mumbai Indians (MI). Originally belonging to Gujarat Titans, he switched in an obvious trade from them to MI.

Mi fans have taken great offence at this turn of events, witnessing them lose over half a million Instagram followers within 24 hours. Rohit’s future has been scrutinised after leading India to win in the ODI World Cup Final.

Can Players Trade After The IPL Mini-Auction 2024?

Following the IPL 2024 auction, players can be traded. The trade window was closed on 12 December and will reopen after the auction on 20 December.

Teams looking to sign Rohit Sharma or any other player must either pay him cash or exchange him for another squad member. If CSK wants Rohit from MI, they must either pay cash or offer one of their roster players as payment.

What Will Rohit Sharma Do After Leaving MI?

Rohit Sharma enjoys tremendous support across India. We all witnessed him play all seven World Cup matches this year; when his eyes welled with tears during the final, Indian fans could hardly hold back their tears’.

Rohit Sharma has led Mumbai Indians in the IPL exceptionally for years. However, recently, it was announced that Hardik Pandya will take his place as captain.

Since Rohit Sharma was removed as captain of Mumbai Indians in 2016, there have been reports that he may join another franchise for IPL 2024. Confirmation of this information has been to be released by any team.

Will Rohit Sharma Be Playing For CSK in IPL 2024?

After the Mumbai Indians announced the removal of Rohit as captain, CSK also posted a message in this regard. It was then speculated that Rohit Sharma might join the Chennai Super Kings.

It is unknown if Rohit will leave the Mumbai Indians team, but we will find out in the next few days.

Does Rohit Sharma Still Have The Option Of Playing For Another IPL Franchise After 2024?

On 19 December 2024, Dubai will play host to the IPL 2024 Auction, allowing teams to trade players. Which teams take this option remains unknown at this stage.

Since Rohit Sharma’s dismissal as captain, his team has yet to respond positively. Suryakumar Yadav, who has played for Mumbai Indians for several years, also did not show much enthusiasm, leading some analysts to speculate they may leave.

What Are The Fans’ Reactions To Rohit’s Removal As MI Captain?

Mumbai Indians fans are outraged that Rohit Sharma was removed as captain, sparking widespread outrage among supporters.

Before Hitman left, MI had 13.5 million Instagram followers, which has since fallen to 12.7 million, meaning over 7 lakh fans have left.

Fans and players are infuriated over Rohit Sharma being removed as captain of Mumbai Indian IPL Team by management.

Many prominent cricketers, including many top names from around the globe, have described this management decision as wrong and offensive.

Will Rohit Sharma Be Returning As Captain Of Mumbai Indians?

Rohit Sharma recently confirmed his departure from Mumbai Indians; there have been reports that he may return as captain; however, they have yet to confirm this, so it can only be speculated upon at this stage.

No doubt, Rohit Sharma’s removal as captain of Mumbai Indians has caused much consternation among fans, many of whom have unfollowed Mumbai Indians on social media in protest at this decision. Now, we must wait and see whether management revokes it.



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