Shukrayaan-1: ISRO is Now Ready To Launch 1st Venus Mission

Shukrayaan-1: Indian Space Research Organisation has turned its sights on Venus. Following their historic success with landing Chandrayaan 3 at the south pole of the Moon and launching Aditya-L1, India’s inaugural solar space mission, ISRO Chairman S Somanath revealed on Tuesday that their Venus Mission, also known as Shukrayaan informally, is on track and several payloads have entered development phase.

Venus has many fascinating features. For one, its atmosphere consists of thick layers filled with acidic molecules that exert 100 times greater pressure than Earth.

Earth may one day become like Venus; only time will tell. In 10,000 years, our years’ characteristics may have altered- Earth was never meant to be habitable long ago! Somanath concluded.

What is Shukrayaan-1?

  • Sanskrit combines the words’ Shukra,’ which means Venus, with ‘Yaana,’ meaning craft.
  • In 2012, the ISRO began to develop plans for ‘Shukrayaan -1. The ISRO invited research institutes to submit payload proposals in 2012.
  • The mission’s primary goal is to study Venus, often called “Earth’s twin,” in detail. The mission will examine the surface of Venus and its atmosphere and analyse its geological makeup.
  • NASA is currently doubtful about the existence of life on Venus. Scientists have yet to entirely rule out microbes living in Venus’s upper atmosphere, where pressure is similar to Earth’s.
  • ISRO is still keeping a tight lid on essential details, such as the launch date of Shukrayaan-1 and other aspects.

The European Space Agency’s Venus Express orbited Venus between 2006 and 2016, while Japan’s Akatsuki Venus Climate Orbiter began orbiting it in 2016.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe made several flybys of Venus; NASA announced in February 2022 that its visible light images had been successfully captured during one such flyby in February 2021.

When is Shukrayaan-1 Scheduled To Launch?

ISRO Chairman S. Somanath revealed in May 2022 that their mission would launch in December 2025 with an alternate launch window set for 2031.

NASA is concerned with whether life exists on Venus at present; some scientists, however, haven’t ruled out the possibility that bacteria might exist there because its upper atmospheric pressure resembles that found on Earth’s surface.

What Are The Goals Of Shukrayaan-1?

  • The mission’s primary goal is to conduct a comprehensive exploration of Venus. This involves investigating both its atmosphere and surface as well as its structure, dynamics and geological composition.
  • Shukrayaan 1 uses a technique that can produce high-resolution pictures, whether day or night and whatever the weather conditions.
  • Venus Orbiter Mission to Investigate Surface Processes and Subsurface Stratigraphy
  • This mission will investigate the interaction of the solar wind with the Venusian Ionosphere. It will also study emissions, volcanic activity, cloud cover, and other planet characteristics.

What Significance Does The Shukrayaan 1 Mission Have?

  • Shukrayaan 1, a new satellite, will help study and evolve Earth-like planets.
  • The model will help simulate Earth’s weather and warn of the potential for a drastic shift in climate.

ISRO Chairman Somanath informed a PTI reporter that the space agency was developing two satellites to investigate space temperature and its effect on Earth, planning an exploration mission for Venus, and developing plans to land an unmanned craft on the Moon.


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