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Sourav Joshi, an Indian YouTuber, is best known for his “Sourav Joshi Vlogs,” a vlogging channel with over 25 million subscribers. His mother was a housewife, and his father was a carpenter.

Sourav’s family had many difficulties in the past because of low income. Sourav’s family enjoys a comfortable lifestyle thanks to his hard work.

He just launched a brand with the name of his cousin’s brother (, where he sells educational toys.

Sourav Joshi Biography

This article will discuss Saurav Joshuai (YouTuber), Age, Girlfriends, Family, biography & more

Real nameMohit Joshi
Nick NameSourda
Date of birth (approximate)8th September, 1999
Age in 2022 (approx)The year 2023) is 24 years old
YouTube ChannelSourav Joshi Art and Vlogs
You can watch videos on YouTubeSubscribers: 25M
Instagram5.5M Followers
Zodiac signVirgo
Birth PlaceKausani District in Uttarakhand has a small village.
Home TownKausani, Uttarakhand
Current CityHaldwani

Sourav was born on 8 September 1999 in a small village located in the Kausani District of Uttarakhand. He will be 24 years old.

He is from Kausani District in Uttarakhand but has studied Bachelor of Fine Arts at Hansi, Haryana, where he developed his drawing skills. He has a poor educational background, but he is a talented artist.

Source: Instagram

Saurav Joshi’s Height, Weight, Age And Hobbies

  • Height in Feet and Inches: 5’6″ Feet (167.64cm) & (1.68 m in meters)
  • Weight: Between 50 and 60 kg
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Black
  • Hobbies: Exploring nature, Travelling, and loving animals (especially dogs).
  • Age as of March 2023: age is 23 years and 6 months.

Family of Sourav Joshi

  • Father
  • Mother: (Hema Joshi) She’s a housewife.

Sourav’s younger brother (Sibling)

Sourav is the real brother of Sahil Joshi, a school student who has a YouTube channel called “Sahil Joshi vlogs.” He also has two cousins named Piyush Joshi and Kunali. They are both students.

Sourav Joshi Girlfriend

Sourav is India’s number-one vlogger and has a huge fan following. He’s quite famous among girls, but let us tell you that Sourav is unmarried. According to rumours, Sourav Joshi Girlfriend is Priya Dhapa, who is also a social media influencer.

Image Credit: Instagram

Sourav and Priya Dhapa have done many romantic songs together, such as Tera Ho Raha Hoon and Manzoor Naza. Sourav also has other songs like Pyaari Teri Yeaari, Jhootha lagda, Bhaimere Bhai, Mujhe Pyaar ho Gaya ha, and Mauja.

Sourav Joshi Religion

Sourav is a Hindu and hails from Kumaon.

Sourav Joshi’s Career

Sourav Joshi was not a good performer. He has a poor educational background, but he is a talented artist. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, where he developed his sketching skills.

He began posting his sketches on Facebook in the first few months to promote. In July 2017, he launched a time-lapse video of his coloured pencils that he created (Drawing (2000) via his YouTube channel Sourav Joshi Art.

He is an excellent sketch artist and has sketched popular designs for some famous personalities and comic characters such as – Ranveer Kapoor, Thanos, and Virat Kohli.

Saurav Joshi, who is a travel or YouTube vlogger, worked hard to earn 25M followers their channel name is – souravjoshivlogs7028, and their Instagram real ID is – souravjoshivlogs.

Sourav Joshi’s YouTube Journey

Sourav Joshi Vlogs Is An Most Famous YouTuber and Person In India. He Is India’s number-one vlogger. Sourav has always wanted to be an artist since childhood.

Sourav loves to paint, so he studied for a Bachelor of Fine Arts after launching his YouTube channel on 5 September 5 September 2015 with the name Sourav Joshuai Artsin, where he uploads art videos and his painting videos.

Sourav has 40 lakh subscribers on his Arts Channel. 19 February 19 February 2019, he launched Sourav VlogsRest. We all know that he is getting a lot of responses.

Sourav Joshuai does daily vlogging on this channel and gets 50 Lakhs videos per day, which is a huge number. His most popular video is Piyush Ki New Cycle, in which he has 4 Crore Views, which is a huge number.

Sourav Joshi’s YouTube Channel Monthly Income

Saurav Joshi, at the age of 24, has achieved a high-level career. Sourav Joshuai is the most popular YouTuber among children and young people. It is because of this that he has many subscribers.

Everyone knows that an enormous number of YouTube subscribers is directly related to YouTube income. Sourav Joshi Vlogs.

People are always curious about Sourav’s YouTube monthly income. I have often seen people searching for “What is Sourav’s income or how much does he earn on YouTube?”

Social Blade Stats on Sourav Joshi’s Monthly Earnings

I’ll show you, using Social Blade, how much Sourav Joshi earned from his monthly vlogs in 2023. The estimated income ($83.8K-$1.3M) that Saurav Joshi will earn from his vlogs in 2024 is shown below.

Sourav Joshi’s Net Worth And His Lifestyle In 2023

People often search for information about Saurav. For example, “How much is Sourav’s net worth?” Many people also want to find out about his lifestyle, house, and living standards.

In 2023, Sourav’s net worth was estimated to be around $3 million, which would be almost 2,47,586 rupees if converted into Indian rupees.

Saurav Joshi earns a lot of money not only from YouTube but also through collaborations, advertisements, and music videos.

Controversy Surrounding Sourav Joshi’s Status As A Vlogger

A YouTuber called ‘Neon Man,’ 2022, made a video in which he accused Sourav of being rude to his fans. The video was made after another YouTuber, Gora Vlogger, claimed that Sourav had not greeted him well outside his home.

Sourav replied to the video by Neon, claiming that Gora had not told the full story and was trying to defame Sourav.

Gora Vlogger asked Sourav if he had taken his mother to see the dentist. Neon said that he only did his job when defending his video. Sourav deleted his comment about Neon’s videos later.

Manoj Dey, a vlogger from India, also commented on Neon Man’s video. He said that Sourav was rude to him.

Manoj claimed that Sourav blocked him instantly for using a controversial thumbnail in a video about Piyush (Sourav’s younger brother) instead of asking him to remove it.

Sourav was criticised for his behaviour after these incidents. Remember that respecting and being polite to other people is important, whether you are online or off, and that everyone should be kind to each other.

Sourav Bike Collection

BikeHF Deluxe and KTM200 Duke bikes
CarsPorshe, Fortuner Legender and THAR 4X4

Sourav Joshi – Facts 

  • Sourav Joshi is an Indian YouTuber
  • Sourav Joshi Born On 8 September 2000
  • Sourav Joshi’s Age Is 23 Years
  • Sourav is a lover of animals. He has a pet, Oreo.
  • Sourav Joshi began his YouTube journey in 2015.
  • Sourav Joshi’s First Channel Name Is Sourav Joshi Arts
  • Sourav Joshi’s Arts Channel Has 4 Million Subscribers
  • Sourav Joshi’s Main Channel Has 1,94 Crore Subscribers
  • Priya Dhapa is the name of Sourav’s girlfriend
  • Piyush Joshi, Sourav’s cousin brother, is Piyush.
  • Sahil Joshi is the real brother of Sourav Joshi
  • Sourav Joshi Has 3.9 Million Followers On Instagram
  • Sourav Joshi Earns 12 Lakhs per Month

Sourav Joshi – Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Who was the wife of Sourav Joshi?

He is not married and, therefore, has no wife.

Who is the No. 5 YouTuber in India?

His most popular YouTube channel in India is what makes him famous.

What is the highest-paid YouTube vlogger from India?

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