Tech Burner “Shlok Srivastava” Complete Biography, Income, Girlfriend, Know Here

Tech Burner: Shlok Srivastava is an Indian YouTuber who is also a businessman and is well-known for his entrepreneurial skills.

His YouTube channel is Tech Burner. He has a number of businesses, including his own Youtube channel. He launched a clothing line called Overlays and several mobile applications. He launched several mobile applications.

During his college years, he launched his YouTube channel, which became famous. After a few short years, he became wildly successful. He was included in Forbes India Under 30 list by 2022


  • Shlok Srivastava, age 25, was born on 28 November 1997.
  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is a Sagittarius. He is a Sagittarius.
  • He completed his education at Delhi Public School in Noida. Since his school he was a young boy who loved gadgets, science, and helping his family. 
  • He finished his education at Delhi Public School in Noida. In the 11th grade, he enrolled in IIT coaching to prepare for the IIT Entrance Exams and Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE). However, after completing his 12th grade, he was unable to qualify for IITs at the 2014 IIT Entrance Examination. He was depressed after he did not qualify for the IIT entrance exam.
  • He later received a Bachelor of Technology in Information
  • SRM University, Chennai. After completing his education
  • In 2018, he returned to Noida and launched his YouTube channel named by name
  • Tech Burner is a great way to burn your fuel.
  • Tech Burner YouTube Channel name is – TechBurner and he have 11.5 Million Subscriber. and Instagram have 4.5 Million Follower and their Insta ID is – techburner.

Parents & Siblings

Tech Burner Family: His mother’s last name is Sadhana, and Jai Srivastava is his father’s first name. He has an older sister named Riya.


Tech Burner Girlfriend is Siddhi Bhardwaj, who is from Dehradun and lives in Delhi.

Tech Burner YouTube channel & Other Youtube Channels

He began making YouTube videos using his smartphone in the 10th grade. Phone and the laptop that his father gave him at his workplace.

He created Tech Burner youtube channel during his college years at 26 In September 2014, he posted his first video on the best accessories.

He buy a computer under Rs 40,000 on 29 September 2014. His friends were discouraged from creating videos for YouTube, but he continued to do so by uploading videos to it. In the beginning, he was not comfortable.

He started doing plays and dramas to overcome his shyness. He began to perform plays and dramas in order to overcome his fears.

Source: Instagram

He felt insecure in front of a camera, but he left when he felt that. He was not getting any help from it. He started creating posters for college.

He has appeared on several shows and freelanced for some companies. However, when he became a father, he was unable to continue his work.

He quit designing posters when he realised he couldn’t make any money. He later worked for several NGOs and then started an NGO to support transgender people.

However, this idea was also a failure. He decided to open up a bookstore. This idea was also a failure after completing his B. Tech in 2018, he had 5,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

He decided to work for his channel, and he rejected an offer of employment. He was earning around Rs 20,000 per month during his college placement. He was earning Rs. 20,000 per month.

His parents were not pleased with his decision to stop his YouTube channel. His decision to reject the job offer in favour of becoming a YouTuber was a good one.

He convinced them to let him work on his channel by telling them that if he didn’t succeed, he was going to join a new job. After uploading some he noticed that his videos were not getting any attention.

His videos are not entertaining. In 2018, he travelled to Delhi in an autorickshaw and discovered that the driver was rude.

He was unable to understand his videos because of the English language. He changed the language to make videos more entertaining. He started earning Rs. 25000 per month after his ideas were successful.

In the early years, his channel was slow to grow, but it did. His channel has reached 3 million subscribers as of 3 May 2020. When they saw him in action, his parents became more supportive and successful.

He opened a Gurugram office in 2021 and employed around 20 people. He also uploaded video reviews of different electric devices in July 2021.

Cars, including a Tesla review. His channel will be launched on 4 January 2023. He has 10 million subscribers. He runs many other YouTube Channels Burner Bits and TechBurner Shorts are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles.

He started uploading short videos. In July 2021, he launched his clothing line, Overlays Clothing. He designed a lot of clothes for the company.

He explained the brand’s clothing for people who lead a positive life approach. He offers clothing for men and women. The winter collection was also launched in 2022.

Tech Burner, Businesses, and Brands

His company is Burner Digital Private Limited, Layers Electronic Private Limited, and Tech Burner Private Limited. His companies include Burner Digital Private Limited and Layers Electronic Private Limited.

And Overlays Clothing Private Limited and Enterprises SJS Dil Se Private Limited. IBurner Digital Private Limited. Cruxcel Infratech Private Ltd. Tech Burner is the founder of Tech Burner’s business, which is called “tech burner”.

  • Burner Digital Private Limited
  • Layers Electronic Private Limited
  • Overlays Clothing Private Limited
  • Enterprises SJS Dil Se Private Limited
  • IBurner Digital Private Limited
  • Cruxcel Infratech Private Ltd

Tech Burner Income and Net Worth in Rupees

Tech Burner’s total assets (as of 2023) are estimated to be 24 crores. His mental age is between 2 and 5 lakh rupees. His main sources of income are his two YouTube channels and businesses.

Tech Burner Net Worth (in 2023) – 24 Crore

Tech Burner Income INR – 2-5 Lakhs

Car Collection

He owns two SUVs, one a Tata Harrier and the other a BMW.


  • Food: Burgers, Pizza and French fries
  • Actor(s): Shah Rukh Khan, Tiger Shroff, Ranveer Singh
  • Holiday Destination(s): London, Thailand, Goa
  • Colours: Black, white, blue, green
  • Cricketer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Facts About Tech Burner

  • A design company offered him a package worth Rs 8 lakh after
  • He rejected his completed engineering.
  • When he was still himself, he paid his first employee Rs. 17000 per month.
  • He was left with less than Rs 25000 per Month.
  • His employee when he first started.
  • He used to look up famous people online when he was a college student.
  • Personalities. He was inspired by YouTubers such as Ranjit Kumar.
  • Geekyranjit is Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips and Gaurav Chaudhary.
  • Marques Brownlee, Technical Guruji, and Marques Brownlee also upload videos on
  • gadgets. Walt Disney, the founder of Disney, was another inspiration.
  • He is a vegan.
  • Forbes India’s list of 30 Under 30 in 2022 and the
  • Cover of Forbes India’s July issue
  • In November 2019, he delivered a TEDx talk at Manipal University.
  • Jaipur.
  • He has appeared in many YouTube fanfests throughout the years.
  • He said in an interview that Indian youths should be doing business
  • Instead of trying to create employment for others, try to generate work for yourself.
  • They waste their youth preparing for government jobs.
  • He enjoys travelling and has visited many cities in India.
  • Abroad.
  • In an interview, he revealed that he stays vigilant in public.
  • He had heard of many mishaps that YouTubers have experienced.
  • In public.
  • He sends many letters to Indian authorities whenever he finds anything.
  • An application that could be dangerous to India’s safety
  • Beat Tech and Best Influencer were both awarded to him.
  • Exchange4media Group will award Influencer of the Year in 2022.


Q: Where does Tech Burner come from?

Ans – Shlok Shrivastav comes from Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Q: What is the role of Tech Burner in your company?

Ans- Shlok Srivastava, a YouTuber and social media star.

Q: What is the name and location of Tech Burner?

Ans- The name of his company is “Tech Burner”.

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