Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheswari, Who is Wrong See Here

Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheswari: In this situation, it’s hard to determine who’s right and who’s wrong. However, one thing is clear: scamming hard-working people out of their money is a grave wrongdoing. Scams are unfortunately common these days, but perpetrating them on such a large scale is deeply unethical.

Those who confidently tell lies can easily take advantage of rural populations.

Vivek Bindra, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Already involved in an online feud with another motivational speaker, Bindra now faces assault charges eight days after their wedding when his wife accused him of “punching his deaf”.

Police announced they will investigate Bindra and Yanika’s allegations. The couple married on December 6 in Noida’s Sector 94 neighborhood.

A few days after their wedding, Yanika filed a case against Bindra with Sector 126 Police Station; her brother Vaibhav Kwartra also lodged his complaint on December 9, leading to an FIR being lodged against Bindra on December 14.

Reportedly, his wife suffered severe head injuries that have rendered her deaf; treatment is ongoing. On the morning of December 7, my brother-in-law Vivek Bindra became involved in an argument between himself and his mother, Prabha Ji.

My sister Yanika attempted to intervene, and Vivek locked her into a room where he began abusing and beating her, leaving wounds all over her body and leaving her unable to hear.

Kwatra also claimed that Bindra broke his sister’s phone during the fight. Bindra has been charged under IPC sections 427 (mischief), 325, 504 (insults to provoke a breach of peace), and 325 (causing grievous harm voluntarily).

“We launched an investigation to establish the facts.” “Necessary actions will be taken in accordance,” Assistant Commissioner of Police (Noida) Rajneesh Verma said. Bindra has also been involved in other scandals and controversies:

MBA in 10 Days

Bindra is the CEO and founder of Bada Business Private Limited. He teaches business and marketing to people. He gives entrepreneurial advice to people who want to grow their businesses.

The man says that an MBA can be completed in just ten days. His account on X claims he offers a “free” “10-day MBA Course”. This scheme has raised some questions.

Online Fraud With Sandeep Maheshwari, An Influencer

Bindra has already engaged in an online spat with Sandeep Maheshwari, another YouTuber who serves as a motivational speaker and motivational speaker.

Maheshwari released a video called ‘Big Scam Exposed,’ accusing Bindra of running an MLM course that involved nearly Rs 500 crore in fraud while taking large sums from students in exchange for “teaching them business.” However, Bindra claimed Maheshwari threatened his legal team.

Depiction Guru Gobind Singh: Controversy

Bindra was forced to apologize in June 2022 after an animated depiction in one of Bindra’s videos caused a stir in the Sikh Community.

Defamation Suit By Indian Medical Association

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) 2018 accused Bindra of defaming physicians through a video titled Reality of Indian Medical System. The doctors’ association sued Bindra, but the court ruled that Bindra should not be punished for defamation.

#StopVivekBindra By Sandeep Maheshwari

Bindra and Maheshwari’s disagreement doesn’t appear to wane anytime soon, with Maheshwari posting another video criticizing Bindra directly, unlike in his earlier video where Bindra wasn’t named now.

Sandeep Maheshwari posted videos featuring other individuals claiming to be victims, including one man who threatened suicide if his money from Bindra wasn’t returned to him.

Sandeep Maheshwari wrote on social media, “Dear Vivek. On the one hand, you threatened legal action against my team, while on the other, sending your employees repeatedly to my house.

Do you honestly expect me to give in to your threats? My work does not benefit only myself; it benefits all – which means you cannot stop my work!” “Please do not think that only one side is suffering; everyone must participate. “

Vivek denied Sandeep’s accusations and requested proof that any team member had threatened their employees. Please share a recording if anyone from my team did anything like that. I will take appropriate action.

Additionally, you blocked my phone number and ignored numerous requests to speak with me; deleted over 5000 positive comments (I have screenshots to prove it);

Blocked me off social media (despite requests); came directly to Sandeep’s home with the intent of setting an appointment with Sandeep to talk openly – with that intention in mind.”


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