Why Indian Government Gets Angry by Maldives Govt. What is Complete Matter See Here

Social media erupted with controversy after Maldives politicians commented on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep. This sheds light on a relationship between the two countries that extends beyond tourism.

The newly elected Maldivian president, Mohamed Muizzu, has asked India to remove its troops from the island nation, which are currently deployed to operate three donated aircraft patrolling.

What roused Indian anger was the racist comments made by Maldivian politicians. Many Indians called for a boycott of the Maldives. Modi’s voyage has been endorsed by several celebrities, encouraging travellers to explore the Indian Islands.

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India Is The Leading Tourist Destination In Maldives

The Maldivian government and economy rely heavily on the tourism industry, which generates most of its foreign exchange earnings.

This island nation is a popular tourist destination for South Asia because of its beautiful beaches, luxurious accommodations, and delicious seafood.

According to the Maldivian Tourism Ministry, in November 2023 1,61,751 Indian arrivals accounted for nearly 20 percent.

From January to November 20, 2023, Indians made up 10.9 percent of the total number of appearances in the Maldives, with 1,81,371 arrivals. They ranked second in terms of market share.

India was the fifth-largest source of tourists to Maldives in 2018. Around 6.1 percent (over 90 474) of the 14,84,274 tourists were Indian.

In 2019, India ranked 2nd with nearly double the number (1,66,030) of arrivals compared to last year. India ranked as the top source market in the Maldives during the pandemic year of 2020.

Nearly 63,000 Indians visited the Maldives. India continued to be the largest market in 2021 and 2022, with more than 2.91 lakh Indian tourists arriving and a 23 & 14.4 % market share, respectively.

India’s Aid To The Maldives In The Areas Of Defense, Finance, And Education

India and the Maldives have been closely allied in defence and security since 1988. India has accommodated the Maldivian need for defence equipment and military training.

From signing the comprehensive Action Plan for Defence (April 2016) to providing defence equipment, improving defence infrastructure, and even training Maldivian troops, to name a few. 

Modi’s government has provided the Maldives with an additional $100 million financial aid. The financial assistance came from budgetary support to help the Maldives overcome difficult economic circumstances.

The resource was extended to the Maldives without conditions, and the country had the right to use the money however it saw fit.

India’s dispatch of 30,000 doses of measles vaccination in January 2020 to prevent an outbreak of the disease in the Maldives and India’s rapid, comprehensive, and timely assistance to the Maldives during the COVID-19 Pandemic reinforced India’s credentials as a “first responder.” 

Every year, several Maldivian students pursue their higher education at Indian universities. For decades, Indian teachers have taught in Maldivian Schools across the islands.

In the past, India has offered many ICCR Scholarships to Maldivian Youth. Thirty-nine scholarships for 2021-22 and 34+ for 2022-23 and 2023-24.

Maldives Suspends 3 Ministers Over “Insulting” Remarks Against India

Earlier that day, the Maldivian Government dissociated itself from the remarks, saying they were “personal” and did not represent the views of the government.

Maldives News: The Maldivian Government suspended three ministers today whose social media postings against India and PM Narendra Modi caused a firestorm.

Several Indians claimed to have cancelled their vacations to the nation, which consists of islands with luxury resorts. The Maldives government issued a press release today stating the position of the Indian Government in response to social media posts that were insulting towards India.

The statement stated that those who posted such things on social media when they were in government jobs have been fired. Maryam Shiuna, Malsha Shareef, and Mahzoom Mahid have been suspended.

It all started when some Maldivian leaders and ministers posted insulting remarks about PM Modi after he had posted photos and videos of his recent trip to Lakshadweep.

His pictures of him snorkelling became viral, and social media users suggested India’s smallest Union Territory to Maldivians as an alternative tourist destination.

After several opposition leaders in the Maldives condemned the “appalling” language, the Maldivian Government distanced themselves from the remarks, saying that the opinions expressed were “personal and did not represent the views and policies of the government.”

It said that freedom of expression must be exercised responsibly and democratically not to promote hatred and negativity or hinder the close relationship between the Maldives, its partners, and the international community.

The remarks were met with outrage in the Maldives, as several prominent leaders condemned the comments. Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed called the remarks “appalling” and asked President Mohamed Muizzu to distance himself from them.

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb condemned “derogatory remarks and racist comments by a Maldivian politician group.” Given the current diplomatic spat with the island country, India is likely to be reassured by this news.

In November, the Maldives changed its “India First” policy after Mohamed Muizzu became president. His election promise was to remove the small contingent of 75 Indian military personnel from the country.

Muizzu, unlike most of his predecessors, chose Turkey as the first port of call after his election. Later, he met Modi in the United Arab Emirates during COP28.

Both countries have formed a core group to discuss Indian troop withdrawal. Three gifted aircraft are operated by Indian personnel to patrol the maritime territory.

Latest Controversy

Zahid Rameez is a councilman of the Progressive Party of Maldives. He was criticised for his derogatory remarks.  The Maldives government has released a statement stating that the opinions expressed are not representative of the views of the government.

However, the Maldives government assured the necessary actions against the individuals.  In protest, many Indian tourists have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction and cancelled their Maldives vacation plans.


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