MS Dhoni Hookah Smoking Video Goes Viral, See Fans Reaction

Social media has been flooded with a video of former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni smoking a hookah. Fans have expressed a variety of reactions.

The video shows Dhoni with cricketer Rishabh Pant and Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon. The video’s accuracy, including the date and time of its recording, is not confirmed.

MS Dhoni Smoking Hookah Video Viral Controversy

Dhoni is shown in the video enjoying a hookah. Fans used to seeing Dhoni maintain a strict fitness regimen were shocked by this unexpected revelation.

It is impossible to verify this video’s authenticity or its exact time and date. It appears that the video was recorded at a recent private party.

The Fitness Icon Raised Eyebrows: Dhoni, known for his unwavering dedication to fitness even after retiring and participating in the Indian Premier League only in a limited capacity, has surprised many with his hookah smoking. As the video became popular among cricket fans, social media was awash with speculation and discussions.

George Bailey’s Insight

George Bailey, a former CSK teammate, has resurfaced an old comment that adds an exciting dimension to the controversy. Bailey, the ex-Australian captain, commented previously on Dhoni’s love of hookah smoking and how it was a way for him to connect with young players.

Bailey revealed Dhoni’s style: “MS Dhoni enjoys smoking hookah or sheesha.” He often set up the Hookah or sheesha in his bedroom, with an open-door policy. You often saw several young players in the room when you went there. It can be a hierarchical situation for India or other cricket teams. But he broke it down.”

Bailey, highlighting Dhoni’s unique leadership style, said, “You find yourself in Dhoni’s room late at night, chatting about the game, about different aspects of the game, or about other people. It’s a wonderful way to break down walls.”

The Fans’ Shock

Dhoni, known for his unwavering dedication to fitness and health, hookah smoking had a significant impact on his fans. The reactions of people were varied: shocked, saddened, and supportive.

One fan wrote: “I used to think of you as a hero. But after watching this video, I feel ashamed for idolizing someone that smokes.” Shame on Dhoni.”

Another tweeter commented: “Seeing Dhoni smoke hookah wasn’t on my list for 2024.”

Some supporters used humor to defend themselves.

One user said, “Smoking is 7 letters.” Thala is a good reason!

Others rushed to Dhoni’s defense, unlike those upset by the video.

The tweet said, “Yes. Tired of smoking the keyboard warriors and opponents. Time to have fun with flavored Hookah.”

Another said, “Reason why I don’t like this man.” Dhoni fans Now: Bhai yakeen kar flavor wala hookah health ke liye harmful ni hota.”

Dhoni Continues Cricket Success

MS Dhoni retired from international cricket at the end of 2020. However, he continues to play for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. Last year, under his leadership, CSK won a record-equaling five IPL titles.

Dhoni will return to the IPL in 2024. He has recovered from knee surgery following the 2023 IPL season.


Here are fans reaction on MS Dhoni Smoking Hookah Video


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