“Bazball Cricket” is New Name of England Cricket Team, Know Here Reason Behind This

Bazball Cricket: Collins English Dictionary has added the ‘Baseball” attacking style of cricket played by England’s men’s team under Brendon McCullum. The Collins English Dictionary has added 10 new words, including Bazball.

The dictionary entry reads: “Bazball (‘baezbo;l) noun A style of test-cricket in which the batsmen play aggressively. Word origin: C21. After Brendan McCullum (born 1981), New Zealand Cricketer and Coach.

Andrew Miller, the UK editor of ESPNcricinfo, first used this word in a podcast before England’s series against New Zealand in June 2022.

McCullum’s nickname is Baz, derived from his middle name, ‘Barrie,’ with the addition of ‘ball’. This is equivalent to any high-profile investigation or drama that adds ‘gate’.

The word has become widely used to describe the positive intent of any team in all sports.

Origins Of The Term

McCullum’s red-ball England team played a more aggressive form of cricket than other teams. The Three Lions were playing a conservative style of cricket, particularly in Test matches. This was not getting the desired results.

McCullum was appointed coach by the England and Wales Cricket Board in 2022. McCullum instilled the habit of fearless cricket with captain Ben Stokes immediately after.

Bazball’s philosophy is to give players a rope long enough and the confidence that they won’t be dropped no matter what.

Bazball, a McCullum and Stokes invention originally for Test cricket, has been adapted to limited-overs cricket.

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It was also one of the main reasons that England won the T20 World Cup in 2022, despite the voodoo surrounding the format.

Despite the term’s popularity in his honour, McCullum is not impressed. McCullum has repeatedly called the use of the word silly.’

“I’m not a fan of that stupid term people use. McCullum said that there is a lot of thought behind the term.

Bazball’s positive side is also a double-edged blade, as England discovered in the Ashes this year and the current World Cup in India.

Baseball Cricket: Brendon McCullum’s fearless approach is explained.

The buzzword “Bazball” has taken over the English cricket scene, and captures the essence of an innovative approach to the game. This term was coined in honour of legendary New Zealand cricketer Brendon Mccullum, who played “Baz”.

It represents a fearless and aggressive brand of cricket. We’ll explore what Bazball Cricket is and how it’s affected England’s game.

What Are Benefit From This “Bazball” Word

Freedom Of Choice

Bazball Cricket is based on the freedom to choose a concept. This approach encourages players’ expression and a liberated mentality. Johny Bairstow described it as freedom that allows players to express themselves without fear of failing.

Faster Scoring

Bazball is a game that focuses on scoring faster. England’s ability to score quickly was demonstrated in their batting against Pakistan at the Rawalpindi test. The first day saw England score 506 runs and take four wickets, a Test cricket record.

Since McCullum was appointed as England’s Test head coach, England’s men have maintained the highest strike rate, 77.06. The fast-paced style has frequently led to unorthodox shots like Joe Root using the reverse ramp.

Aggressive Decision Making

England adopted aggressive field positioning and changed its bowling style under the influence of Bazeball Cricket. Michael Atherton, a former captain, highlighted the change in mentality during the first Ashes test when Ben Stokes and Pat Cummins were compared.

Atherton noted that Stokes’ changes in fielding and bowling were primarily focused on taking wickets, while Cummins concentrated on containment. This fundamental change in England’s approach has led to bold captaincy choices.

‘No Draw’ Policy

Bazball cricket emphasises the elimination of the draw. Stokes’ bold decision in the Birmingham Test against Australia showed his refusal to allow the game to stagnate or drift.

In a Day/Night test at the Oval, England declared its first innings during the last hour of Day 1 to maximise the bowling edge. This proactive approach keeps the game moving and maintains a winning mindset.


Some have criticised Bazball Cricket despite its success. Ravichandran Ashwin, an Indian bowler, questioned the suitability of Bazball cricket in certain conditions.

He stressed that it was important to adapt to various pitch characteristics. Steve Smith, an Australian batsman, expressed concern about its durability on difficult wickets and against formidable bowlers.

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