BGMI 2.9 Update: Coming With New Feature of Snow Battle

BGMI 2.9 Update: BGMI will be receiving a 2.9 update. Originally, the update for this popular battle royale game was supposed to arrive at the end of November.

A new report suggests that Krafton has delayed the 2.9 update to BGMI. This update will feature winter content themed around the Frozen Kingdom. You can look forward to new features in the upcoming update.

Release Date For BGMI 2.9 Update

Battlegrounds Mobile India will release its highly-anticipated 2.9 Update on December 20, 2023 – just in time for winter.

Players can anticipate new weaponry with a winter theme and an additional game mode. Classified Yt was featured on BGMI’s most recent official podcast, discussing its 2.8 update.

Classified YT has revealed via YouTube that BGMI will soon release Frozen Kingdom and an update with a brand new weapon called the Snow Blaster Gun.

The Winter Theme Will Be Added To BGMI In The 2.9 Update

BGMI Update will likely be made public on December 1, and many rumours have already circulated before its arrival.

The 2.9 update introduces a Frozen Kingdom theme with new winter content. Snowy Village allows players to explore an idyllic location featuring snow-covered structures and landscapes.

The new map will feature numerous hot drops for players to explore and loot. Furthermore, the BGMI new Update introduces a new weapon: the Snow Blaster Gun.

Use this snowball gun to fire snowballs at the enemy and defend against their attacks in your home. Snowballs will help stop enemy movement forward while warding off possible attacks from them.

Players can also utilize it offensively by building bridges across rivers to push towards an enemy location and launch an attack there. Furthermore, the 2.9 BGMI Update snow bombs can transform players into snowmen for added fun.

Players can ride reindeer or snowboards to traverse the map quickly. Additionally, the snow rail provides faster transportation.

The latest BGMI Update will emphasize cooperative gameplay with new activities and allow users to share status updates. In addition, an enhanced reporting system and improvements for vehicles and firearms will be introduced within this update.

BGMI 2.9 Features Update

The next Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.9 update will include a fantastic new mode, a brand-new weapon, and additional features.

The BGMI 2.9 update new features such as:

  • Silvanus X-Suite is now updated.
  • Avalanche X-Suit is updated.
  • Snow Village can be found in Goroka, Vikendi; Iceberg, Livik and Stalber, Erangel.
  • Snow Rail
  • Snowball Blaster
  • A snowmobile
  • Reindeer Caravan
  • Fortunate Ice
  • Fortune Teller Ice Tower
  • Zone of Snow Blast
  • Toddlers playing in the snow
  • The mechanic who parks the cars in the garage
  • Automobile Enhancements
  • Firearms Efficiency
  • Updates for Creation Mode
  • New Templates for Gameplay
  • Brand-New Automobiles
  • New Skill Experience Zone

BGMI 2.9 Update Mode

The Frozen Kingdom theme mode is the centrepiece of the BGMI 2.9 update, transporting players to an idyllic winter-themed village called Snowy Village, where players will encounter charming architecture and landscapes that make this experience unique.

This mode will feature snow bombs that transform players into Lively Snowpals for added realism in gameplay.

Frozen Kingdom visitors should expect exclusive missions, such as finding Snow Toddlers or collecting boxes of valuables from Lucky Snowman.

BGMI 2.9 Update Changes

The BGMI 2.9 Update will likely include balance adjustments, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Lynx ARM Weapon

  • The BGMI will receive the Lynx anti-material weapon when the 2.9 release is released.
  • The Lynx AMR is a powerful weapon that can be used to harm both players and vehicles.

Vehicle-Golden UAZ

  • In the 2.9 Update, a Golden UAZ car will be added to BGMI.
  • Golden UAZ: A more robust version of the UAZ standard.

Payload Mode

  • BGMI is expected to receive a new event in Payload mode with the 2.9 release.
  • You can get new skins, clothing, and other incentives during the Payload mode event.

Weapon Equilibrium

  • In the BGMI 2.9 Update, the M416, AKM and Groza have all been balanced.
  • This update aims to improve the overall balance of players and fairness within the game.

Automobile Stabilization

  • The BGMI 2.9 update includes the Dacia, UAZ and Beryl.
  • This update aims to improve the overall balance of players and fairness within the game.

BGMI Version 2.9 Update requirements: The game has many maps and models, such as Battle Royale and Frosted Kingdom. To play the latest version of BGMI, you will need:

  • A dependable internet link.
  • Android 5.1.1 and later.
  • Minimum memory size is two gigabytes.

How to Download the BGMI 2.9 Update?

Download the BGMI 2.9 Update from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to download it to iOS or Android devices.

  • Download the Google Play Store app.
  • ” or ” BGMI.”
  • Click or tap on the ” Installation ” button.
  • After the download, press the ” Open ” button to start playing.

The BGMI 2.9 APK can also be downloaded from the BGMI site. You can make this happen by taking the following steps:

  • Visit to access the BGMI website.
  • Click on the ” Download ” button in the BGMI Version 2.9 section.
  • The APK file will be saved on your smartphone.
  • Open the APK and follow the instructions on the screen to install.


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