Dunki Review, See Here What Fans Like Shahrukh Movie!

Dunki Review: Dunki by Rajkumar Hirani, Shah Rukh Khan’s third release for 2023, opened today in cinemas worldwide. This marks their first collaboration and Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial debut after Sanju in 2018. Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal and Boman Iraniani appear in this exciting tale.


According to The TrendsMyth about Dunki, “Dunki leaves you with an emotional smile.” If you didn’t want to watch Animal because of the violence glorified, then you should check out Dunki. It’s a family film that will make you cry.


Haricharan Pudipeddi, an entertainment journalist, shared his impressions of Shah Rukh’s movie Dunki on X (formerly Twitter).

Pudipeddi wrote: “#Dunki is an emotional drama about illegal migrants that will resonate strongly with NRIs and people who’ve wanted to move elsewhere but couldn’t. After two high-budget action films this year, @iamsrk took on this film with conviction. Not Hirani’s finest, but still leaves an emotionally impactful message behind its story.”

Rahul Gandhi 2.0 shared, “After watching Dunkirk, I can only say that Shah Rukh Khan truly stands as our last great star. (crown emoji). #DunkiReview.”

Yogesh also shared their review: “#DunkiReview from a Shah Rukh Khan Fan or Reviewer.” #Dunki was Raju Hirani’s weakest film. It is an epic bore-fest in which Shah Rukh’s accent and acting are cartoonish – leaving audiences scrolling their phones during the second half.”

Anmol Jamwal, a YouTuber, said, “#Dunki is an engaging story but far from RajkumarHirani’s best. It showcases immigrants’ hardship as they work toward building better futures – though its screenplay often verges on being ridiculous. Still, it’s good. Just not great.”

Box Office Predictions

According to TrendsMyth.com, Dunki will earn approximately Rs30 crore on its first day at Indian box offices. Dunki would be Shah Rukh’s third-highest domestic box office debut this year, after Pathaan and Jawan.

Everything You Need To Know About Dunki

Dunki follows four friends from a small Punjabi town. They attempt to relocate to London but fail the visa exam due to language and economic restrictions, opting for the illegal Donkey Route route instead.

Dunki, co-written by Rajkumar Hirani with Abhijat Joshi and Kanika, is being produced by Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies Entertainment along with Gauri Khan of Rajkumar Hirani Films and Jio Studios.

At an event in Dubai, SRK declared Dunki his most excellent film. When making Jawan, he felt that they had created something suitable for both girls and boys but hadn’t created anything just for himself yet; thus, he began Dunki as his project close to his heart.

Many film critics asked me what type of role I would be playing; instead, I felt it best for me only to do what films I love, which includes all those made this year, including Pathaan, which always caters towards ladies;

Finally, I wanted something just for me this December 21st so watch Dunki this December 21st as this film promises something for all. “Don’t miss Dunki. Don’t miss it.” SRK said before concluding by saying something along these lines.

Hirani revealed in a 29-minute video posted by Shah Rukh on his official X Facebook page that the story behind his film was inspired by the image of a house near Jalandhar in Punjab with a replica Air India aeroplane on its terrace – something which initially amused him.

Many homes in Punjab had planes perched atop their roofs, which caught our eye and intrigued me. “Families of children living abroad have put these planes atop their homes,” according to one film.

Hirani revealed in his research for the film that when researching Indians looking to immigrate to either Canada or Britain for a better future, many turn to illegal “donkey routes”, known as dunks in Punjabi.

These illegal routes exist because visa problems require them to use this route instead of going through legal channels.

Dunki Box-Office Collection Day 1: Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Will Earn Around Rs 30 Crore

Dunki box-office collection: Shah Rukh Khan has enjoyed tremendous success this year with two consecutive blockbusters – Pathaan (released in January ) and Jawan (February). However, Rajkumar Hirani’s film will likely have the lowest opening of all his movies this year.

Dunki was Shah Rukh Khan’s third movie of 2023, released into cinemas Thursday amidst great fanfare. The first showing of Rajkumar Hirani’s film in India occurred at Gaiety Galaxy at 5:55 am;

Unfortunately, Dunki did not attract equal footfall throughout its run time in cinemas across India. Industry tracker Sacnilk predicts Dunki will make around Rs. 30 crore on Thursday. Morning shows had an occupancy rate of 26.45%.

In comparison, afternoon showings saw 21.77% occupancy rates, translating to 24.11% occupancy among Hindi audiences.

As it was released during a weekday release window, audiences may take notice over Christmas weekend when audiences may visit multiple times more frequently.

Dunki will face another formidable rival this Friday when Prashanth Neel’s Salaar opens in cinemas; even before its release, it has presented Dunki with an unprecedented challenge as its business has already hit Rs 35.23 crore with sales of 1683,871 tickets on opening day alone.


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