ICC World Cup India 2023

India will host the 13th edition of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 and make history again by becoming host for four consecutive times since 1990. This quadrennial tournament will mark a historic momentous achievement in Indian sports.


Ten teams will vie for the trophy. The competition format will resemble England and Wales’ tournament: round-robin followed by knockout rounds. In the round-robin phase, all ten teams will compete against one another once. If there is a win for one side or no result for both, both will earn two points each. If no decision can be reached in any matchup, both will get one point each. Four teams will qualify from the round-robin for the semi-finals. If two of these win, they will advance to compete for the championship title.


The 2020-2023 Cricket World Cup Super League will serve as the main pathway to qualification. Entry to the event will be granted directly to the top seven teams from CWCSL standings and India as host. For the 2023 World Cup Qualifiers Play-off and the top three ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 teams, respectively. They will all compete to claim the world championship.


In 2023, this tournament will mark its 13th edition since its initial tournament took place in England in 1975. India will host their fourth tournament ever and first as sole host. Previous editions were co-hosted with Taiwan between 1987 and 2011. England is entering this tournament as the reigning champions, claiming victory against New Zealand after an intense final in Lord’s.

Australia is the most successful team ever in international cricket history, winning five Cricket World Cup tournaments. West Indies, India, England, Pakistan and Sri Lanka won once.

The schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup

Today, the International Cricket Council revealed its plans for the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup during an exciting Mumbai-based ‘Countdown To the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup’ event.

  • Ahmedabad will host England vs. New Zealand and the final on 19 November of World Cup 2017.
  • The ‘biggest Cricket World Cup yet’ will be held in nine more venues
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The largest Cricket World Cup will include ten teams playing across ten venues from 5 October until 19 November; Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad will host both this historic competition’s opening and final matches. Nine locations will host practice matches: Bengaluru (formerly Chennai), Delhi, Dharamsala, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai. Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad will serve as host venues.

England and New Zealand will face off in Ahmedabad in the opening match of the 2019 World Cup on 8 October, while hosts India take on five-time winners Australia on that same date. Ahmedabad will also host matches between India and Pakistan (15 October) and Australia vs. England (4 November).

Eight teams qualified through the Cricket World Cup Super League. At the same time, two spots will go to finalists of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers held in Zimbabwe. Last year’s round-robin format has been maintained, with each team playing 45 matches across six days starting at 10h30 Indian Standard Time; knockouts and finals matches begin at 14h00 IST. The semifinals will occur on 15 November in Mumbai and 16 November in Kolkata; reserve days will be added for each round.

ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice said: “We are delighted to release the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule, which is always a huge occasion ahead of any global event.”

“Hundreds of millions of fans around the world will be part of what we hope will be the greatest ever Men’s Cricket World Cup, and we know in India, the teams will enjoy a unique electric atmosphere concluding with the winners lifting the trophy in the biggest cricket stadium in the world in Ahmedabad.”

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule by Venues

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah said: It’s a matter of great honor and pride to be hosting the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup in different cities across India, showcasing the rich diversity of our country.

“The enthusiasm and passion for cricket in India are unique. I am sure fans both here and abroad would be looking forward to the tournament’s return to India for the first time since 2011 when our team became the first to lift the trophy on home soil.”

“I wish all the teams the very best in their preparations and look forward to hosting what promises to be another exciting tournament.”


  • 5 October – England vs New Zealand
  • 15 October – India vs Pakistan
  • 4 November – England vs Australia
  • 10 November – South Africa vs Afghanistan
  • 19 November – Final


  • 6 October – Pakistan vs Qualifier 1
  • 9 October – New Zealand vs Qualifier 1
  • 12 October – Pakistan vs Qualifier 2


  • 7 October – Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Day Game)
  • 10 October – England vs Bangladesh
  • 16 October – South Africa vs Qualifier 1
  • 22 October – India vs New Zealand
  • 29 October – Australia vs New Zealand (Day Game)


  • 7 October – South Africa vs Qualifier 2
  • 11 October – India vs Afghanistan
  • 14 October – England vs Afghanistan 
  • 25 October – Australia vs Qualifier 1
  • 6 November – Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2


  • 8 October – India vs Australia
  • 14 October – New Zealand vs Bangladesh (Day Game)
  • 18 October – New Zealand vs Afghanistan
  • 23 October – Pakistan vs Afghanistan
  • 27 October – Pakistan vs South Africa


  • 13 October – Australia vs South Africa
  • 17 October – Australia vs Qualifier 2
  • 21 October – Qualifier 1 vs. Qualifier 2 (Day Game)
  • 29 October – India vs England
  • 3 November – Qualifier 1 vs Afghanistan


  • 19 October – India vs Bangladesh
  • 30 October – Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2
  • 1 November – New Zealand vs South Africa
  • 8 November – England vs Qualifier 1
  • 12 November – Australia vs Bangladesh (Day Game)


  • 20 October – Australia vs Pakistan
  • 26 October – England vs Qualifier 2
  • 4 November – New Zealand vs Pakistan (Day Game)
  • 9 November – New Zealand vs Qualifier 2
  • 11 November – India vs Qualifier 1


  • 21 October – England vs South Africa
  • 24 October – South Africa vs Bangladesh
  • 2 November – India vs Qualifier 2
  • 7 November – Australia vs Afghanistan
  • 15 November – Semifinal 1


  • 28 October – Qualifier 1 vs Bangladesh
  • 31 October – Pakistan vs Bangladesh
  • 5 November – India vs South Africa
  • 12 November – England vs Pakistan
  • 16 November – Semifinal 2

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