Lakshadweep vs Maldives: Which Place is Better for Vacations

Lakshadweep vs Maldives: Which is better and cheaper for beaches, travel and tourism? Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted photos and videos of his visit to Lakshadweep on social media and Indians suggested Lakshadweep instead of Maldives, a big row has erupted.

Three Maldives ministers then made derogatory comments about PM Modi, which escalated the situation. The Maldives government suspended these three ministers later.

Lakshadweep and Maldives have been trending in social media, while people also search for the best option between these two options regarding beaches, travel, and tourism.

Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Deciding between a holiday in Lakshadweep or a trip to the Maldives can take time and effort. Both tropical paradises boast turquoise water and golden sand beaches.

Lakshadweep is a grouping of islands located off the southwest coast of India. It has untouched beauty, tranquillity, and a serene atmosphere. The Maldives is a scatter of islands in the Indian Ocean that offers a luxury experience surrounded by crystal-clear waters and rich marine life.

Your journey begins here. It’s not easy to choose between the serene oasis of Lakshadweep or the luxurious luxury of the Maldives. As you discover the wonders of these two tropical jewels, you will be surprised by their allure. Are you ready to dive in?

History & Culture

Before you travel there, learning about the rich cultures and histories of Lakshadweep and the Maldives is essential. While they share some similarities, these tropical destinations have unique stories.

This Indian territory, starting with Lakshadweep, has a rich history closely tied to the cultural fabric of the mainland. The Arabian Sea significantly influenced the history of this Indian territory.

Lakshadweep is a melting pot of cultures, from the early indigenous people to colonial times and finally to independence. It is fascinating to see how the local culture combines Indian, Arab and Portuguese influences.

Switch your attention to the Maldives. The Maldives, unlike Lakshadweep, has always been an independent country. The culture of the Maldives, which has thrived for centuries, is a mix of South Asian influences, Arab and African ones.

Episodes of foreign influences, such as Buddhist, Islamic, and European periods, mark Maldives’ history. All of these factors have come together to create a traditional and fascinating culture.

Both destinations are a colourful tapestry of culture and history, shaped and influenced by different cultures worldwide.

While Lakshadweep is closer to the Indian subcontinent in terms of culture, the Maldives has a more diverse mix. The stories, customs, and traditions that make these islands’ paradises come to life are fascinating.

Attractions and Activities

Lakshadweep & the Maldives offer unique experiences and attractions. It’s not a question of which destination is better but which is best for you. Let’s see what each destination offers.

Lakshadweep is a place of natural beauty. The Marine Museum and Dolphin Dive Center should be on your list of places to visit if you are a wildlife lover.

The Marine Museum is home to various marine life and provides a wealth of information about the aquatic biodiversity on the islands.

The Dolphin Dive Centre, on the other hand, offers you the chance to explore the underwater realm, home to coral reefs and various aquatic animals.

While the Maldives are equally beautiful, they tend to be more active. The National Museum, located in Male, the capital city, has a wealth of historical artefacts. It is perfect for history lovers.

Banana Reef is a paradise for divers, with its beautiful coral formations and diverse aquatic life. Maldives is also a leader in wellness retreats. Enjoy world-class spa treatments and yoga sessions.

Lakshadweep and the Maldives are both close competitors in attractions and activities. Both have a rich marine life and offer a chance to experience it. Lakshadweep is more rustic and natural, whereas the Maldives combines history, nature and luxury.


Let’s now walk along the sandy beaches of Lakshadweep or the Maldives. Both of these paradises have stunning beaches, but they also offer different sand and sea experiences.

Lakshadweep beaches are known for their unspoiled beauty. You can find a quiet spot beneath the palm trees on these islands, as they are less crowded. Minicoy Island is a perfect example. It’s 6.2 miles long and has silvery sands.

The beaches in the Maldives have a surreal appearance, with sands glowing at night thanks to bioluminescent algae. Vaadhoo Island’s coast is about 1 km long (0.6 miles) and is one of the only places where this natural phenomenon can be seen.

Both Lakshadweep and the Maldives have beautiful beaches. Lakshadweep’s islands offer a tranquil, quiet ambience, while the Maldives adds a touch of magic to its shores. Each step you take along the beaches will leave a lasting impression, not only in the sand but also in your mind.

Eat, Drink & Nightlife

Travelling is all about experiencing the flavours and nightlife of the destination. Let’s explore the culinary delights of Lakshadweep and then the after-dark activities of the Maldives.

Lakshadweep’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Kerala, an Indian state known for its rich culinary traditions. Coconut, rice, and fish are all staples. Local favourites include fish curry and coconut rice. Lakshadweep, however, is a dry area, so alcohol isn’t readily available.

The Maldives, on the other hand, offers a culinary scene that is diverse and caters to all tastes. The Maldivian food is based on seafood, coconuts, and starches.

Dishes like Garudhiya (fish soup) and Mas Huni (shredded smoked salmon with grated coconuts, onions, and spices) are particularly popular. The Maldives has a variety of drinks to choose from, including tropical cocktails and fine wines.

Lakshadweep’s nightlife is laid-back and tranquil, with a focus on the beauty of the island. The clear and pollution-free sky makes star-gazing a popular pastime.

Conversely, the Maldives offers a vibrant nightlife with live music, beach partying, and even underground nightclubs such as Subsix. Once the sun goes down, the islands come alive with lights and life.


Bring home a little piece of the island paradises of Lakshadweep or the Maldives. Let’s take a look at the shopping in these two destinations.

Lakshadweep is home to a variety of arts and crafts. Most famous are the items made of coconuts and shells, handwoven rugs, and models called “dhonis”, traditional sailing ships. Lakshadweep has no sprawling shopping centre, but you can buy locally-made souvenirs.

You’ll find both local and luxury shopping in the Maldives. Male, the capital, has several markets that sell local handicrafts and clothing. Boutiques on the islands offer luxury brands and high-end goods. The Maldives are also famous for their “Thundu kunaa” mats and Maldivian Lacquer Work, unique souvenirs to remember your visit.


Your accommodation can make or break your trip, as it is your home away. Lakshadweep and the Maldives are both full of unique options.

Accommodation options in Lakshadweep are more eco-friendly, with a focus on sustainable living. You can choose from charming resorts, such as the Bangaram Island Resort, that blend simplicity with comfort. The Agatti Beach Resort features air-conditioned cottages that offer a stunning view of the Arabian Sea.

The Maldives are known for their luxury resorts and villas on the water. Soneva Fushi, One&Only Reethi Rah and other alternatives offer villas with direct access to the lagoon or beach. These water villas offer unbeatable privacy with stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Familie-Friendliness and Children’s Activities

When planning a vacation for a family, it is essential to consider the location and whether any activities are available for children. We’ll see how Lakshadweep fares in this regard.

Lakshadweep is the perfect destination for families looking for a quiet retreat. Its calm waters and less crowded beaches are ideal.

Children can enjoy glass-bottom boat tours, nature walks, and snorkelling. Marine life, coral reefs and seeing a dolphin or sea turtle are thrilling experiences for children.

Conversely, the Maldives caters to families as well, with resorts that offer family-friendly facilities. The kids clubs in resorts such as Kurumba or Centara Grand Island provide engaging activities, including treasure hunts and cooking classes. There are many options for family snorkelling, island hopping and other activities.

Lakshadweep, as well as the Maldives, make great options for a family holiday. Lakshadweep is more laid back, while the Maldives offers relaxation and structured activities for kids.


Doesn’t the weather play a significant role in deciding where to go on a beach holiday? Lakshadweep, like the Maldives, is a tropical destination. There are similarities in weather patterns, but they each have unique nuances.

Lakshadweep has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 75’F and 95’F throughout the year. Rainfall can be heavy during the monsoon season, which runs from June to August. Plan your trip between September and May if you enjoy sunny skies.

Conversely, the Maldives also has a tropical climate, but average temperatures range from 77’F to 91’F. The rainy season from May to October can be unpredictable, but the sun is usually out soon. The dry season (November to April) is considered the best time to travel.


When choosing a destination, safety is the most critical factor. Compare Lakshadweep with the Maldives. Lakshadweep is a part of India and follows Indian laws. Crime is low.

It’s essential to be cautious and respectful of local customs. Dress modestly, for example, as the majority of people on the islands are Muslims.

The Maldives are also a safe destination. The resorts are safe, and there is a minor crime. It’s also a Muslim nation, so it is essential to respect local customs, especially when visiting the local islands.

The environmental sustainability of the islands is a unique consideration. Responsible tourism is encouraged on these islands, as they are fragile ecosystems. This will preserve their natural beauty. Do not disturb the wildlife or touch corals. Always properly dispose of your waste.


Budgeting is an essential part of planning any vacation. How do the Maldives and Lakshadweep compare in terms of cost?

Lakshadweep is generally more affordable. Accommodation costs vary but are usually less than those in the Maldives. The local food is reasonably priced, with meals ranging from 100 to 300 Indian Rupees (about $1-4).

The cost of internal transportation, primarily by boat, is reasonable. The Maldives are known for their luxury resorts that come at a higher cost.

Accommodations in resorts range from 8000 Maldivian Rufiyaa (500$) to 16000 Maldivian Rufiyaa (1000$) per night. The cost of dining can be high, particularly in resorts. Transport costs, primarily by speedboat and seaplane, can increase the price.

9 Reasons to Book Lakshadweep Holidays Instead of Maldives

1. Private Island

Lakshadweep Islands, particularly Thinnakara & Bangaram, have been developed exclusively for tourism. These islands are devoid of villages or roads.

They only have a few tents and beach resorts. According to the report, the island has only 10 – 15 tourists. This makes the island feel like a private island when you are on holiday in Lakshadweep Islands.

2. Unexplored Islands

Lakshadweep Islands are a rare place that has been explored and discovered. Most tourist destinations are exploited. You can get closer to nature.

Lakshadweep Holidays offers a variety of tour packages at reasonable prices. Lakshadweep can be reached by air, cruise or any other means. Why go to Maldives, then?

3. Best Value For Money

The price of a Lakshadweep package tour includes all meals, transport and boarding. There are no separate shops or restaurants. You only have to pay for water sports and island hopping, but at most, it’s $100 per person. It is a very different experience from the Maldives and other places where you must pay for even a small water bottle.

4. Colourful Fishes And Live Corals

Lakshadweep Islands is known for its rich marine life, flora, and fauna. It is also a fragile region that naturalists and environmentalists highly protect. The islands are home to a variety of colourful fishes and live corals.

5. No Separate Visa Is Required

Lakshadweep Islands are part of India, so if you don’t need a separate visa for a foreigner visiting India, you only need a visa for India and a permit to visit Lakshadweep Islands. If you are Indian, you do not need to apply for a separate ticket.

6. Easy Connection

Lakshadweep Islands are accessible, especially if your travel plans start a few months in advance. The airport of Lakshadweep Islands is Agatti Airport.

It can be reached via flights from Bangalore and Kochi. Both cities have international airports with good connectivity around the world.

7. Cruise From Lakshadweep

You can also go on a cruise if you do not want to fly. This option allows you to experience a cruise, which is rare in India.

8. Other Tourist Attractions

You can visit the Lakshadweep Islands either from Bangalore or Kochi. Kochi, located in Kerala, is a popular tourist destination for Indians and foreigners.

You can visit Kerala first before you travel to the Lakshadweep Islands. You can visit nearby Mysore Palace, Hampi and National Parks such as Bandipur National Park if you fly from Bangalore.

9. Why Not Just Go For The Obvious?

Maldives is a place where the majority of islands are over-exploited. It’s hard to find a corner that has yet to be photographed. You can find millions of pictures of these places on Instagram. There are very few photos of the Lakshadweep Islands. Lakshadweep is visited by only a few tourists yearly, making it a better option than Maldives.

Which is Better – Lakshadweep or Maldives?

It can be challenging to choose between Lakshadweep or Maldives. Each destination has its unique charm and offers distinct experiences. Compare the key features of our comparisons to help you decide.

Lakshadweep offers a more authentic experience in terms of culture and history, thanks to its Indian influences and simpler lifestyle. The Maldives showcases more diverse cultures in a more cosmopolitan environment.

Lakshadweep and the Maldives have a wide range of water sports and marine activities. The Maldives offers more luxury experiences like underwater dining, spa services, and more. Lakshadweep is a better option for those who enjoy quiet and undisturbed nature.

Both destinations have stunning beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters. The Maldives beaches are more accessible and developed, while Lakshadweep beaches have a more secluded, untouched feel.

The Maldives offers a wide variety of dining and entertainment options. Lakshadweep is more peaceful and offers quiet nights with more straightforward local food.

The Maldives also has many boutiques, including luxury and souvenir shops. Lakshadweep shopping is limited and mostly centred on local handicrafts.

The Maldives has many accommodation options, from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts. Lakshadweep has fewer choices but is excellent for those looking for simplicity and affordability. Both destinations are great for families, but the Maldives offers more activities.

Travelling to Maldives with direct flights is more accessible, but getting to Lakshadweep requires a more extended trip with limited options. Once you arrive, both destinations are easy to navigate.

The Maldives is slightly warmer, but both destinations enjoy similar tropical climates. Both goals are safe, but you should always respect local customs and engage in responsible tourism. Lakshadweep has a lower cost of living, while the Maldives is more luxurious.


What you want to do will determine which destination is best for you. Lakshadweep is a good choice if you’re looking for simplicity, authenticity and budget-friendly options. The Maldives is an excellent destination for luxury, diversity and more activities.


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