See Here How Manoj Kumar Sharma Struggle to Become an IPS Officer, As Shown in 12th Fail Movie

Manoj Kumar Sharma is an officer of the Maharashtra cadre who joined the Indian Police Service in 2005. In October, he was in the news after the biopic 12th Fail, chronicling his journey to becoming an IPS officer.

12th Fail IPS Officer Major Kumar Sharma Biography

The Hindi-language biographical drama 12th Fail is produced, written, and directed by Vidhu Vijay Chopra. It is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Anurag Pathak’s 2019 non-fiction book with the same title tells the story of Manoj Sharma, an Indian police service officer who overcame poverty to become a police officer.

The movie also stars Medha Shankar and Anant V. Joshi. Priyanshu. 12th Fail was released on November 27, 2023, and received positive reviews. It became a sleeper success, earning over Rs66 crore globally, on a price range of Rs 20 crore.

Early Life of Manoj Kumar Sharma

Manoj Sharma is an IPS officer born in Bilgram on July 3, 1975. Bilgram is a small town in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena District. He stands at 5’9″ tall. He weighs 65 kilograms. He is a 49-year-old IPS officer.

Shri Ramveer Sharma is the name of his father, a farmer. His mother has strongly influenced Manoj Sharma. He has been there for him in every way throughout his life. His birth family wasn’t wealthy. He had to work hard.

Manoj Sharma Early Childhood Education

Manoj Sharma easily passed his 8th grade exam after completing his education at his local school. He then managed to cheat through his ninth and tenth-grade exams.

Then, he enrolled at the Maharani Lakshmi Bai Government College of Excellence in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and passed the exams there for the 11th grade.

The SDM, however, had already visited the exam centre to confirm that it was correct and so could not decline the 12th test. He sat in silence.

Every student in that centre failed. In that school, the teachers made us copy everything and write down the answers.

Manoj Sharma, After Failing In 12th

DSP Dushyant Singh tells the truth about cheating and lies in the 12th exam. DSP Dushyant counsels Manoj to stop cheating and helps him save his brother.

After a year, Manoj earned all A’s in his exams and got a B.A. In Hindi and History to become a DSP. However, his goal of becoming a DSP was dashed when the government cancelled the MPPSC assessment for three years.

The Early Career Of Manoj Kumar Sharma

SDM Preparation

His friends told him he had to pass the MPPSC test to become an SDM. Then, I began preparing for MPPSC. After a few weeks, he learned that IPS and IAS had even more powerful positions. For this, one must pass the UPSC examination. For this, one must go to Delhi to study.

UPSC Preparation

He came to Delhi to study for the UPSC after he learned this. He studied at Vikas Diyakriti Sir’s Drishti IAS. While looking for UPSC, I met Shraddha Sharma.

Shraddha Joshi Sharma was also studying for UPSC. In the meantime, their love story began. Manoj is said to have played a significant role in exam preparation.

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s Struggle

What was Manoj Sharma Sharma’s condition? You can guess this because he once drove a tempo and slept on a slide between buffaloes.

I used to be a librarian in Delhi. He stayed to read the biographies of people such as Gorky and Abraham Lincoln and adapted them for his own life.

Manoj Kumar Sharma Succeeds In His Fourth Attempt

Manoj Kumar Sharma failed the Civil Services Exam on his first, second, and third attempts despite his hard work and struggles. He did not give in and continued to work hard. In his fourth attempt, he finally passed the UPSC KA examination.

All India 121 was his rank. He became an IPS officer. He is currently working as an additional commissioner in Mumbai Police.

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s Girlfriend

Manoj Kumar Sharma met his girlfriend at Vikas Divyakriti Sir’s Drishti IAS. Both were close friends who studied together. The friendship gradually turned into love. After the UPSC training, they both got married.

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Manoj Promised To His Girlfriend

Manoj Sharma faced failures everywhere, but he never gave up. He told his girlfriend that he would give her the world if she said yes. His girlfriend also assisted him in preparation for the exam.

Manoj Kumar Sharma Performing Vital Tasks for Police

Manoj Kumar Sharma has significantly contributed to the Indian Police Service (IPS) since 2005. He earned a lot of respect for his management of protests and battle against the Naxals.

He worked for the Central Industrial Security Force as a Deputy Inspection General (DIG, and then for the Mumbai Police as an Additional Commissioner of Police. He went beyond the call of duty to protect his country.

Manoj Kumar Sharma: Interesting Facts

  • He prepared himself for the civil service and was successful in his first attempt. But I’m afraid I still have to disagree.
  • He failed the second attempt. On his third try, he also died. He kept his cool and worked hard.
  • His determination was unwavering. He became an IPS Officer on his fourth attempt, achieving the All India 121st ranking in the Civil Services Examination.
  • Manoj Kumar Sharma currently holds the position of Additional Commissioner at Mumbai Police.
  • His girlfriend, Shraddha Sharma, his parents, and his family have played a significant role in his success.
  • It is essential to convey this message to today’s youth. Those who quit their studies because they failed once should learn from it, as only more failures can lead you to success. Manoj is an example of how this can be achieved.


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