Narendra Modi Ready to Making Electricity Bill Zero in All Over India, Know Here Complete News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the BJP-led government at the Centre will work to eliminate electricity bills in the country.

These remarks were made by the Prime Minister while addressing an audience in Guwahati after he had inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of projects worth Rs 11,599 Crore.

PM Modi highlighted some of the accomplishments made in the past decade. The focus was on bringing electricity to all households.

He highlighted the government’s goal to reduce electricity bills to zero. The government will assist one crore families to install rooftop solar panels under this scheme.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the BJP government’s dual engine was committed to reaching every beneficiary.

He said, “Our goal is to make life comfortable for every citizen.” The budget has allocated Rs 11 lakh crore to infrastructure development.

Maa Kamakhya Divya Pariyojana, sanctioned by the PM-DevINE scheme (Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North Eastern Region), was one of the major projects inaugurated.

The project is designed to offer world-class facilities to pilgrims who visit the Kamakhya Temple. PM Modi thanked the Assam government for allowing him to dedicate these projects and emphasised the importance of strengthening the connectivity between South Asia.

He said that these projects will create employment in the tourism industry. Reflecting on the growing enthusiasm for tourism in the country, Modi noted that more than 24 lakh people visited the Ram Temple at Ayodhya within 12 days of its opening to the public on January 22, 2018.

Narendra Modi held a roadshow before launching his development projects in Guwahati. The public enthusiastically chanted his name. The Prime Minister returned the warmth of the reception by waving at the crowd.

In Shorts: Prime Minister Modi’s statement indicates that the government has set a goal to reduce or eliminate electricity bills for citizens. This could be a sign that the government is focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies, or other initiatives to reduce financial burdens on individuals due to electricity consumption.

Can I Reduce My Monthly Electricity Bills To Zero By Installing RTS?

In rare instances, this is possible because the consumer must pay a minimum charge, like fixed charges.

Even if all the energy consumed is self-generated, the monthly electricity bill can be lowered to zero if the RTS is designed and maintained optimally. The monthly bill could be zero in states that generate revenue from surplus electricity.

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