Poonam Pandey Can Be Arrested After Their Fake Death Drama, Know Here Complete News

Poonam Pandey, a model and actor, is in hot water for pretending to die. Celebrities, doctors, and politicians have all called her out on spreading false information to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

Satyajeet Tambo, a Maharashtra legislator, demanded on Saturday that the Mumbai Police act against Poonam for spreading fake news about her death.

Tambe, a member of the independent Maharashtra Legislative Council, suggested that a case be filed against Poonam Pandey to set an example for others who choose to use such stunts for their own promotion.

Poonam Pandey, 32, who had been reported to have died from cervical cancer the day before, has announced that she is alive. The fake news was spread to raise “critical awareness” of the disease.

Tambe stated in a press release that action should be taken to punish Poonam Pandey for “publishing or making false or misleading statements.”

“The news that an influencer/model has died of cervical cancer is not a way to raise awareness of the disease.”

Tambe stated that the entire incident takes the seriousness of cervical cancer out of the picture and focuses the attention on the influencer. MLC said that the actor played a joke on cancer survivors rather than raise awareness.

The Cine Workers Association Slams Poonam Pandey

All Indian Cine Workers Association has also condemned Poonam Pandey and demanded an FIR be filed against her.

AICWA took to X, formerly Twitter, on Saturday and said that “self-promotion under the guise cervical cancer is not acceptable.”

The fake news that actress and model Poonam Pandey had died of cervical cancer caused a shockwave in the Indian film industry.

The manager of actress and model Poonam Pandey confirmed that this fake news was a publicity stunt. The fake news hurt the feelings of all Indians who paid tribute to Poonam Pandey, it stated in a statement.

We request that you file an FIR for both Poonam and her manager for spreading false news solely for their PR publicity. It is important to take strict action against these people so that fake news of this nature will no longer be spread.

Poonam’s manager confirmed on February 2 that she died from cervical cancer. Poonam’s Instagram account also said: “This morning has been a difficult one for us.”

We are deeply saddened to announce that our beloved Poonam has passed away from cervical cancer. “Every living thing that came into contact with her received pure love and kindness.”

Poonam Pandey, however, posted a video on social media on Saturday announcing she was alive. She also shared that she faked death to raise awareness of cervical cancer.

Shardul, Poonam’s friend and TV actor, has criticized her for the stunt. He said on Instagram: “Not cool @poonampandeyreal. Not cool to whoever had the idea, who convinced you, and not cool to whoever thought this was a good awareness.

To sound like a joke, I was deeply affected, hurt, disoriented, lost, and deeply saddened. While I am grateful that you are still alive, I regret that I and many others had to experience grief and sadness.

Why do I call this out on social networks? Because this was done. I will love you forever and someday forgive you, but this must be addressed for now. This must be stopped. We don’t need to be aware of this.

This isn’t the pain we want. I am a survivor of cancer, and I am a voice for depression. Now, I am speaking out publicly to stop STUNTS such as this. Someone could have died because of this news.

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