PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Released See Here New Features & Weapon

PUBG Mobile 3.0 update: Pubg Mobile continues to bring features-packed updates. Version 2.9 brought many enhancements and changes to this third-person FPS Battle Royale game, such as winter-themed weapons and locations.

But Krafton isn’t done adding heat – look out for their 3.0 update! Today, you can download PUBG MOBILE free on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 was unveiled with four distinct future features, such as recent updates to World of Wonder, Metro Royale, Classic Mode, and themed game modes.

PUBG Mobile Update 3.0: Classic Mode

As previously discussed, PUBG Mobile promises to change some of its most acclaimed game modes significantly. Krafton appears hesitant about making significant modifications in their Classic Mode;

Updates for this mode of play do not seem substantial; instead, sniper rifles will now be able to hit two targets simultaneously and cause more damage.

A single shot might take out two opponents and impress your friends with an impressive strike if you’re fortunate. Unfortunately, such a feat would likely have no noticeable effect on esports, as finding two reliable opponents is far more complicated than expected.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update: Metro Royale & World of Wonder

Metro Royale’s game mode will soon see some notable updates, with the addition of sniper guns being among them. A dynamic weather system that changes with seasons will also be made available for an exciting gaming experience.

At the same time, an emoji depicting someone wearing a gas mask could indicate the presence of new gas bombs that may suffocate players nearby.

The World of Wonder Update will indeed prove most entertaining. In this game mode, players can transform themselves into chairs, boxes and even tiny snowballs! R

eminiscent of hide-and-seek games like Duck Hunt or Hide and Seek, ducks, food, or couches may all become hidden targets!

Zip lines will also be strategically placed across locations to facilitate rapid travel. At the same time, duplicate versions of themselves may even help confuse opponents!

PUBG Mobile Update 3.0: Themed Game Mod

In themed mode, the sword will become an entirely new weapon – you’ll feel more like a Samurai using it since its blade resembles that of one. Additionally, you can duplicate yourself – wearing a wingsuit,you can jump from planes for further travel.

Ski resorts will soon be accessible in PUBG Mobile as the winter season unfolds, enabling players to participate in boxing matches against one another; we still do not know what the final item of this themed mode may be.

PUBG Mobile Update 3.0: All The New Features Are Listed

Use of Enhanced Items While Driving

The update includes several significant updates, including using painkillers, energy beverages, bandages and other items while driving. This feature was previously only available to passengers, but now it will be accessible to drivers.

Sniper Bullet Penetration Mechanism

Bullet penetration will give sniper weapons such as the AWM and M24 a tactical edge. The new bullet penetration feature will allow shots fired from these rifles to cause damage both to the target and to anyone behind the target, changing the strategic gameplay elements of the sniper category.

Shadow Force A New Theme Mode: Revamped

This update features a new theme mode, Shadow Force, offering a futuristic experience. This model features altered structures in four locations, such as Prison and Yasanaya. It departs from previous themes to create a unique game atmosphere.

Valentine Fireworks Campaign Capacity

Spawn Island will soon be lit by Valentine’s fireworks, adding a festive atmosphere. Furthermore, players can access four campaign items during matches for added strategic options.

New Abilities: Shadow Scout and Ninja Hook

With this update comes two exciting new abilities for players. Shadow Scout allows users to create character copies to distract opponents and allow strategic positioning.

At the same time, Ninja Hook features both grappling for scaling buildings and gliding capabilities for quick traversal across maps.

Introduction to Katana Weapon

The update, exclusive to one particular mode, introduces the Katana as a melee weapon with unique fighting styles and animations.

Katanas can be used to damage enemies close up. In contrast, their more extended range provides users with an edge over others in their category.

Inventory and Map Updates

This update brings a new map with a snow theme to Metro Royale. It features a large building and formidable opponents. The update will get new skins for weapons and improved outfit organisation.

Character Enhancements & Overall Improvements

This update introduces smoother animations for characters when walking, running and climbing to enhance the overall gaming experience and make gameplay more enjoyable and seamless.


The PUBG Mobile update 3.0 brings exciting new features and refinements to elevate the player experience. These upgrades enhance gameplay mechanics and aesthetics for an engaging, more immersive gaming experience.


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