See Here Tech Champion Support “Anshu Maurya” Income, Age, Girlfriend

Tech champion Support net worth: Anshu Maurya is a digital creator and social media influencer active on social networks. You have probably seen his many videos that talk about earning money online.

You can find his video on YouTube. He is very popular. Anshu Maurya comes from Saha village in Fatehpur. Anshu Maurya is 27 years old. He is not yet married.

With his online earnings, he has opened a school. The school costs around Rs. 3. This school, worth millions of rupees, was opened in his village to allow the children to study and be active. This article by Anshu Mauriya will give you all the information. Read it below.

Tech Champion Support or YouTubw Wale Baba Biography

YouTube wale Baba ie. Anshu Maurya grew up in the small village of Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh. India’s largest State. His father was a farmer, and his mother was a homemaker.

His financial situation was initially not great, but YouTube Baba’s dad allowed him to finish his Bachelor of Technology.

Anshu Maurya then got a job that paid 12-13 Thousand Rupees per month. Along with his job, Anshu started YouTube after watching a YouTube video, although initially, he had trouble understanding the mess. Anshu Maurya, a.k.a. YouTube Wale Baba, is now a household name.

His popularity has increased due to the increase in his YouTube subscribers. He also has a strong hold on Facebook and Instagram. Anshu Maurya Girlfriend information is not revealed now as any information came we update here.

Tech Champion Support or Anshu Maurya Career

After completing his studies at college, YouTube wale Baba began his career as a small-time employee. However, Anshu Maurya wasn’t happy with his job and didn’t earn much.

After a few months, he had earned $100 in Adsense. He then uploaded more videos and now has about 24 lakh subscribers.

His YouTube channel was closed after YouTube changed its guidelines. But he didn’t give up. He started another YouTube channel. The current name of his YouTube channel is “Support Tech Champion“. It has around 18 lakh subscribers. Their number is growing.

Anshu Maurya’s subscribers enjoy his videos on how to make money using YouTube and the internet.

YouTube Wale Baba, an Indian YouTuber once a laggard, has risen to the top and gained millions of subscribers.

Anshu Maurya Collection

Anshu Maurya collection: Anshu has done many things with online earning. He has built a new school in his village and bought a Tata Tigor a few months back.

He also gave his brother an iPhone 14 Pro Max Max and purchased a Royal Bike. You can watch the video on the tech champion support channel. It was an Enfield 350cc li.

Tech Champion Support Youtube Revenue?

Anshu Maurya, a tech champion, has over 11 lakh subscribers to his YouTube channel. Each of his videos gets more than 50 thousand views. Some videos even get a million views.

Talking about his YouTube earnings, he’s also made Rs. 4 Lakh per month. This is a very high income; even an employee of the government who earns tech champion support will not make this amount.

Anshu Maurya’s Instagram Income

Anshu Maurya earnings: If you talk about it, his Instagram followers are currently around More than 1 Million . His followers are growing every day. His reach is in the millions.

The views on his stories are approximately 1 lakh. He earns thousands of dollars per month as an Instagram sponsor. If you earn 3-4 times that amount in a single month, you will easily make 2 lakhs.

Anshu Maurya’s Facebook Income

Anshu Maurya earns a lot of money from his Facebook page. He has two pages on Facebook. One is his profile, and the other is on his profile and page. He has over 300k followers and earns $800 to $1200 monthly from Facebook.

Anshu Maurya Sponsor Income

Anshu Maurya Sponsor Income: Tech champion support sponsors charge lakhs; a sponsor recently on YouTube earned Rs 150k using the earning app.

They continue sponsoring on Facebook and Instagram and receive lakhs of impressions. Sponsors earn Rs 2 lakhs on Instagram and Rs 2 lakhs on Facebook. After getting 50k on YouTube and 3 lakhs, the sponsorship is 5.5 lakhs.

The Net Worth Of Tech Champions

Anshu Maurya Net Worth: Adding His Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and sponsorships, he has a net worth of 2 lakhs on Instagram, 1 lakhs on Facebook, and 7 lakhs on YouTube. Tech champion support net monthly worth is 5 crores. All of it is mixed up.

The net worth of Tech champions

5 Crore

Anshu Maurya YouTube Channel Id- techchampionsupport86

Anshu Maurya Instagram ID – techchampion123


YouTube Wale Baba is a person of inspiration who has overcome financial obstacles to achieve success through his dedication and passion for YouTube. He has become a popular and successful YouTuber.

This article contains all your information about YouTube Wale Baba, including YouTube Wale Baba’s Net worth, bio, career, etc.

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