Who is Harsha Sai? Know About Their Income, Age, Girlfriend

Harsha Sai is a YouTuber known for creating content in many languages. He was born on the 13th of November 1995 and belongs to the Brahmin. Harsha Sai, as of 2023, is 28 years old.

He has a large following on social media. His education began at PSR Public School in Visakhapatnam. He then pursued a Bachelor of Technology degree from GITAM University, Visakhapatnam.

Despite his academic background, Harsha Sai found his passion on YouTube for content creation, which led him to become a successful YouTuber.

Harsha Sai runs multiple YouTube channels in different languages to cater to a wide audience. His main channel, “Harsha – For You Telugu“, has a subscriber count of 10.2 million.

He also has sizable followings on his other channels, including “Harsha SaiFor Tamil” (5.12M subscribers), “Harsha Sai – For You Hindi” (13M subscribers), and “Harsha Sai – For You Malayalam” (400K subscribers).

Harsha Sai has a substantial YouTube income due to his popularity and engaging content. His estimated monthly earnings range from Rs 25-30 lakhs, and he has an income of 3 to 3.25 crores.

He has made 12 crores in his YouTube career. Harsha Sai’s earnings from YouTube are not his only source of income. He has also earned 3-4 lakhs through endorsements and other business ventures.

His net worth in 2023 is estimated at 5-6 billion per year, while his lifetime net wealth is an impressive 21-22 billion. Despite his fame and success, Harsha Sai is still single and focuses on his YouTube career.

Harsha Sai continues living in Visakhapatnam, where he began his content-making career. He has a loyal following of 10 million Instagram followers.

Harsha Sai GirlfriendHarsha Sai hasn’t found a girlfriend.

Harsha Sai Career

Others call him India’s “Mr. Some call him the Beast, while others admire him as a youth icon. Harsha Sai began his acting career in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) when he was born.

He appeared in TV shows such as Run Paagal Anjali Putrudu and other movies. These shows and films could not have done what the social work had for the young actor.

Harsha began making videos in 2019. His videos were well received by Tamil-speaking audiences and later became popular with Telugu speakers.

He has over 10 channels today, and his videos are in multiple languages. Harsha Sai’s work impressed many. They want to know more about Harsha’s biography, family, and personal life.

Harsha Sai Family

Harsha Sai fans often seek information about his family, including his parents, siblings and other details. Harsha Sai’s family is not well-known. He is a young actor and philanthropist.\

He has millions around the globe. Harsha Sai’s father’s net worth may have nothing to do with his social work.

The actor never spoke much about his background or relatives. Things will not be kept secret for long. Harsha’s Sai birthday is already known to his fans. Soon, more information on his family and personal history may be made public.

Harsha Sai’s Net Worth

Many viewers are curious to know the answer when they see Sai’s videos of philanthropy. The stunt philanthropist does incredible things for the people. He’s one of the wealthiest men in Hyderabad.

While it is impossible to determine Harsha Sai’s net worth in rupees of 2023, his earnings suggest that his net wealth is between 20 and 22 crore rupees. The actor Harsha Sai makes around 25-30 lakh rupees per month.

Image Source: Instagram

He has millions on different social media platforms. He also includes paid promotions in his videos, which must have accumulated a lot of money for the actor.

Actor Harsha spends more money on videos about social work than other content creators or influencers. It is difficult to determine Harsha Sai’s exact net worth in 2023.

Harsha Sai has a presence on India’s most popular social media platforms.

  • Harsha Sai is followed by over 118K people on Facebook
  • Harsha Sai is followed by more than 4.6 Million people on Instagram
  • Harsha Sai – For You, Hindi has been subscribed by over 12 million users
  • Harsha Sai – For You, Tamil has more than 5.62 million subscribers
  • 9.48 million users have subscribed Harsha Sai Telugu channel

The Harsha Sai Media Group’s net worth could easily exceed 20 crore rupees because more than 27 million subscribers watch his videos. Harsha Sai’s content is also available on many other platforms.

You can find out more about this by clicking here.Description
Real NameHarsha Sai
Character NameHarsha Sai
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Youtuber and Social Worker
Born13 November 1995
BirthplaceVisakhapatnam is located in Andhra Pradesh (India).
Zodiac SignGemini
Age28 (as of 2023)
SchoolPSR Public School in Visakhapatnam
CollegeGITAM University (B.Tech.)
Residents of the United States are able to purchase a home by paying a fee.Visakhapatnam is located in Andhra Pradesh (India).
Instagram4.1M Followers
You TubeHarsha Sai – For You Telugu (9.09M subscribers)
Harsha SaiFor Tamil (5.12M Subscribers)
Harsha Sai – For You Hindi (11M subscribers)
Harsha Sai – For You Malayalam (290K subscribers)
Harsha Sai Net Worth, Income
YouTube IncomeRs 25-30 Lakhs (Monthly).
3-3.25 crore (per annum)
12 Crore(Lifetime)
EndorsementAnnual Revenue of 3-4 Crores
Net worth in 2024 (in Rupees)Rs. 5-6 Crore Annual
Lifetime Net Worth20-21 crore (Lifetime)

Harsha Sai: Interesting Facts You Should Know

  • Harsha Sai is a Hyderabad-based man born in Visakhapatnam, India 1995.
  • Harsha Sai, a B.Tech. The graduate actor is also a well-known social worker and activist in India.
  • Harsha Sai net worth is estimated at 2.4 million dollars, based on his earnings in video production and other sources.
  • Harsha Sai paid over 50,000 Rupees to a barber to assist him.
  • He was the first philanthropist to feed over 100 people in a famous 5-star hotel.
  • Harsha Sai’s organisation gave the poor free petrol for a day.
  • Harsha Sai, in a video for social work, donated all household items to an impoverished family.
  • Harsha Sai helps poor children who want to learn and do better than wandering around busy streets.
  • Harsha Sai wants to feed people experiencing poverty in the best hotels across all Indian states.
  • Harsha Sai’s popularity in India is largely due to his social work. His acting career plays a very small part.


This Harsha sai revealed how a 27-year-old has become a generous philanthropist who has helped hundreds of people. He continues to give, help people in need, and gain more followers.

These good deeds will help the young actor become one of the biggest stars in the Indian Film Industry.

FAQs Related to Harsha Sai

1. Who is Harsha’s girlfriend?

Harsha Sai girlfriend’s name is unavailable as the actor hasn’t confirmed a relationship.

2. How does Harsha Sai earn money?

Harsha Sai has millions of followers. He earns income from his videos and sponsors.

3. What is Harsha Sai Education (HSE)?

He has a B.Tech from the Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management.

4. How old is Harsha Sai?

Harsha is 27 years old.

5. Is Harsha’s father wealthy?

It is not known what Harsha’s father earned or did.

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