What Aman Gupta & Priyasha is in Relationship? Know Here Complete News

Aman Gupta: Shark Tank India Season 3 began streaming on January 22 and has created social media buzz. A contestant’s pitch from a recent episode went viral, and it has a connection with Aman Gupta, co-founder of boAt and a judge on the business reality show.

People loved the particular episode so much that they started sharing various chunks. Some even took the route of hilarity and edited the clip capturing Gupta’s interaction with pitcher Priyasha Saluja. When Aman Gupta saw one of the videos, he couldn’t resist commenting.

Instagram shared the clip handle @edits_d24. It opens to show Saluja making a pitch for her business, The Cinnamon Kitchen. As the video continues, Aman Gupta offers her 60 lakhs for 2% equity. The contestant replies, “Don’t intimidate me like that.”

Aman’s Reaction on Viral Videos

Is Aman & Priyasha Dating: Aman Gupta dropped a comment after the video went viral with over 3.1 million views. “You guys are crazy. My wife will kill me, but for sure, the edit has come out nice. Tell the editor to apply for a position in the boat now.”

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“Best episode ever,” posted an individual.

Another added, “I have watched this reel 100 times now.”

“Best episode till now,” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “Bro, this pitch was best.”

The Cinnamon Kitchen also shared a post on Instagram expressing their gratitude for Aman Gupta. The company shared a picture from the show and wrote, “Thanks, Shark Aman Gupta, for believing in us!

Feeling blessed to collaborate with you and take #TheCinnamonKitchen to the next level.”

To this, Gupta reacted, “Your energy and vibe stood out, making it one of my favourites this season. Let’s take CinnamonKitchen to new heights and make it even more remarkable than your impressive credit score suggests!”

Fan’s Reaction

However, the real entertainment kicked in when the sharks began presenting their pitches. Gupta, while offering his deal, inadvertently stirred up a storm. Overwhelmed by the situation, Priyasha, a first-time fundraiser, asked Gupta to dial it down a notch and not ‘intimidate’ her.

What happened next was nothing short of delightful. The Gupta, caught off guard, blushed, eliciting laughter from Priyasha and his fellow judges.

This episode soon became a viral sensation, captivating the internet and leaving everyone in awe of the charismatic ‘boAt’ founder.

Social media enthusiasts jumped in on the fun. One user on ‘X’ playfully remarked, “Aman’s ‘BOAT’ got stuck here,” while another quipped, “Aman bhai, take care… A Titanic moment went like this… Yours is still ‘BOAT.'” The laughter echoed across the digital landscape.

Even Aman Gupta himself couldn’t escape the laughter. Responding to an Instagram clip, he cheekily wrote, “You guys are crazy… My wife will kill me…. but the edit has definitely come out nice…. Tell the editor to apply for a position in boAt now….”

Meanwhile, amid all the hilarity, business negotiations persisted. After much banter and back-and-forth, Aman Gupta sealed the deal with a final offer of Rs. 60 lakh for 5 percent equity.

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