Crazy Bihari’s A Pond Stolen Overnight, See Here Full Info

Bihar is witnessing yet another bizarre theft, this time from Darbhanga District. News channels reported that a pond Stolen in one night, this pond belonged to the government and was used for fishing before suddenly disappearing and being replaced by a hut without explanation from residents, leaving locals bewildered and alarmed when residents reported its sudden appearance – although reports indicate that the land mafia had already fled before law enforcement arrived to arrest them, accused of filling it up to gain more land for themselves.

Locals claim the pond was once an asset to the community but has now become a target due to rising land prices in Darbhanga.

Land mafia continued filling it even after complaints by community members and interventions by zonal officials who temporarily stopped filling it.

Residents had reported the filling of the pond to police officials. After a zonal authority conducted a survey, they stopped it. However, the mafia continued filling it until its entirety had been filled up.

People say the pond filled up within 10-15 days, only at nighttime being completed. Officials visited earlier and confiscated several items,” stated Sub-Divisional Police Officer Amit Kumru.

Police officials cited in the report stated that authorities had visited the site previously and seized some objects. Yet, perpetrators still managed to complete their operation at night.

Bihar is well known for its unusual thefts, such as that of a diesel engine in Begusarai District, which was stolen by thieves digging a tunnel through to reach the railway yard where the engine had been brought for repair work. They then started dismantling it.

Barauni Police Station was charged with the “Theft of a diesel motor, brought to Garhara Yard for repairs,” with missing parts recovered from a gang responsible.

Unbolting steel structures was another issue the team was responsible for, as they stole components as well. A railway engineer at Samastipur Loco Diesel Shed was suspended last year for selling an old steam-powered engine located on Purnea Court premises using fake letters from Samastipur Divisional Mechanical Engineers while working alongside railway officials and security personnel to sell it off.”

A 60-Foot-Long Steel Bridge Was Stolen In Bihar A Few Days Ago

Bihar’s Sasaram District witnessed the theft and dismantlement of a 60-foot steel bridge constructed over the Arrah Canal at Amiyawar Village within the Nasriganj Police Station area in 1972 by individuals purporting to be government officials. The 500-ton bridge stood for 47 years until it was taken apart on February 15, 2017.

Recently, thefts in Bihar have been making headlines; an incident involving the theft of a diesel motor from Begusarai’s railway yard was one such theft.

Thieves dug an underground hole and took parts from an engine scheduled for repair, according to yard staff who noticed its absence and made a complaint about it.

Last year, another incident took place when a 60-foot bridge vanished in Rohtas district after thieves used JCBs and gas cutters to disassemble it rapidly and bring about its destruction in just three days.


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